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Lost: Left Behind

Kate: "Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell is going on."

Mud-wrestling and barbecue. What's not to love?

There was something rather fitting about Sawyer's past and present honeys meeting and immediately becoming allies. Kate and Cassidy have a lot in common: they were both living outside the law. Cassidy was pregnant by Sawyer, and Kate very well could be. But Cassidy didn't betray Sawyer, and Kate's mother betrayed Kate, and Kate had a hard time getting past that. She thought she was saving her mother. What she did to Wayne was a tad extreme, though.

While Kate was with Sawyer's honey in the past, in the present she was chained to Juliet, Jack's new possible honey. I think our triangle just became a quartet. (Or would that be a square?) Kate and Juliet as the Defiant Ones was this week's Most Obvious Symbolism: by chaining herself to Kate, Juliet has chosen to ally herself with the Fusies.

In keeping with our betrayal theme, Locke appears to have changed sides. I'd like to think that Locke is pretending, that he's decided to go undercover. But Locke has been pissing me off lately. Maybe he really did turn. Maybe they did to him whatever it is that they do. If Locke could turn so quickly, why wouldn't Juliet after three years? Is Juliet a spy for the Others, even after what they did to her three years ago?

The much lighter B plot on the beach was just fun. I find it delightful that Sawyer is so easily conned; he just never believes that other people can be as devious as he is. And Hurley was once again doing something that was good for everyone, because he was right. Whether he likes it or not, Sawyer is seen as one of the Island's leaders. Bolstering Sawyer's self-esteem is only going to be good for him as well as everyone else.

Character bits:

Kate's alias this time was Lucy, and we learned that she was using the names of saints. Her previous aliases were Monica, Annie, Maggie, and Joan.

Juliet's arm has been dislocated three times before this episode. That was an interesting little tidbit. How?

Sawyer moved from nicknames to adjectives ("rotund and annoying"). He still has four more nickname-less days to go.

We heard a little about the beach housekeeping logistics. Steve (not Scott) brings fresh water every morning, I assume from the caves.

Jack is very protective of Juliet, and the reverse is also true. Kate now knows that Jack saw her with Sawyer. I wonder if she really did break Jack's heart?

What happened with Locke's father? Is that what pushed Locke to join the "Other" side?

Bits and pieces:

— It has been three months since the crash, and only three days since "Enter 77," four episodes ago.

— The cast has decreased to 13. Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro are gone.

— The flashbacks took place not long after Kate killed Wayne, and between the Sawyer flashbacks "The Long Con" and "Every Man for Himself." Kate and Sawyer just missed meeting for the first time in Iowa.

— Again the emphasis that Locke is a "good" one, but Kate and Jack are not.

— Call me shallow, but I really loved the Kate/Juliet fist fight in the rain and the two of them in the mud.

— There were fifty people living in the Other 'Burbs. I don't think we knew before how many there were. I could be wrong. There's so much detail with Lost that I can't keep track of it all.

— The deadly barrier around the Burbs was intended to keep the Smoke Monster out. I'm fairly certain the code key that Juliet punched in ended with "16 23."

— Why didn't Kate and Juliet take showers before leaving? It's the first thing I'd think of, especially if I were covered in dried mud.

— More Patsy Cline: "Walking after Midnight."

Left Behind is the title of a series of books about people left behind on Earth after the Rapture. It's easy to relate this theme to our characters on Lost, who aren't good enough to be kidnapped by the Others.


Sawyer: "Banish me? Where?"
Hurley: "There's debate about that. But the consensus was half a mile down the beach."

Sawyer: "I ain't gonna get the Korean vote."

Hurley: "Just for today, they can eat boar, laugh, and forget that they're totally screwed."

Three polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. This one was a notch above some of the more recent episodes and I began to believe again that the story is moving forward again. Please, oh please, let them all return safely to camp.

    I also liked this one for the sheer number of times Kate got kicked, literally and figuratively. I'm sorry for all the Kate fans out there (and I am one to a degree), but she's had this coming for a while.

    I liked the symmetry of Juliet and Diane as well. Neither of them falls for Kate's bull and both of them call her on it; Juliet tells her about Jack while pointing out that she (Juliet) knows a lot more about the man than Kate does, and Diane points out that what Kate did, she did for herself. Interestingly, the next time Kate sees Diane (when she is dying in the hospital), Diane does call for help. A woman who keeps her promises.

    The Sawyer/Hurley story was a lot of fun, but I saw the con from the beginning. In spite of it all, however, I loved the ending shot with Sawyer smiling at everyone and serving them the meat.

  2. Juliet's and Kate's fight with the handcuffs on is one for the record books. In fact, I think I'd rank the Lost fights:

    1. Hurley attacking Sawyer in the tent with Jin intervening from a few episodes.

    2. Juliet, Kate, Handcuffs

    3. The totally awesome thing Sayid does with his legs in the season finale.

  3. Josie: Your comment is one of the many I missed during my recent move. I just had to say -- I agree! The tent fight was one of my favorite moments in the entire series.

  4. And Hurley was once again doing something that was good for everyone, because he was right. Whether he likes it or not, Sawyer is seen as one of the Island's leaders.

    Yeah, that's always been a bit troubling to me. We have Hurley acting like a hero here, to convince Sawyer to be a hero. It's too bad the camp can't just nominate Hurley for Camp President. He seems to be totally cool with the world ever since "Tricia Tanaka is Dead."

  5. Hurley is such a sweetheart:everybody loves Hugo,really.
    Kate wants to die from the shame:confort sex with Sawyer isn't a secret anymore,Jack knows and that fact explains too well his previous coldness.
    Kate is so jealous of Juliet that dislocates her shoulder(epic scene). At the barracks she repeats she's sorry but isn't more enough for Jack who,hurt and disappointed,raises a wall.
    She is selfish now,she was selfish in her past. She just helps herself and she hurts who loves(Jack,her mommy)unwillingly.


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