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Lost: One of Us

Juliet: "If I told you who I was, if I told you everything that I know, you'd kill me."
Sayid: "What do you think I'll do if you don't?"

So Juliet is a spy, after all. Or is she? I'm positive that Juliet has no love for the Others; they're holding her sister's health hostage. When it comes down to it, which way will Juliet jump? The title of the episode might be a clue, since the one that introduced Ben in season two was called, "One of Them."

I was thrilled that we finally got a mondo helping of real, honest to God answers. The fact that women can't sustain a pregnancy on the Island explained Juliet's recruitment, Claire's "nightmares" and even Ethan going rogue and kidnapping Claire. And the Others kidnapping children. And Ben adopting Alex, for that matter. Did Danielle Rousseau give birth to Alex on the Island, or before she arrived? I don't remember!

This means that Sun is in serious danger. And if Kate is pregnant, she is, too.

For one brief shining moment, I thought they were going to answer one of my big questions: was flight 815 brought down deliberately because of who was on it? Since Juliet diagnosed Ben's tumor right before the plane crashed, and Ben asked immediately for background checks on the passengers, I can conclude that Ben didn't cause the crash deliberately because he needed a spinal surgeon. But I still think that the people on flight 815 were chosen, somehow. Therefore, someone other than Ben's people must be pulling the ultimate strings. I think.

I've theorized that time moves differently on the Island. The video feed that Juliet saw of Rachel and her baby refutes this theory... unless Rachel was cured of her cancer by being brought to the Island. Because how could the cure for cancer work off the Island? And (again) how come it didn't work for Ben? I also wonder if Ben lied about Rachel's cancer recurring. That would make sense.

Along with answers, this episode was also full of wonderful character moments. My favorite by far and away was Sayid and Sawyer, of all people, teaming up to threaten Juliet together. (Sawyer is clearly taking his leadership mantle seriously.) I loved seeing Hurley threatening Juliet in his own way, too. And the reunion on the beach was great, with Sawyer actually hugging Jack before folding Kate in his arms.

Character bits:

When Sayid asked Juliet, "Who are you?", we saw a flashback of Juliet with her sister Rachel. That's who Juliet is, her emotional heart.

Juliet emerged from the submarine in heels, and had to crawl to the dock. This simple bit was an interesting character statement.

Surprise. Juliet and Goodwin were lovers. It was interesting to see Goodwin again, although it wasn't in a context I expected. Good thing it wasn't Jack who killed him.

The Others have an implant in Claire. Can it track her?

Jack was all pissed off at everyone and very protective of Juliet. He's going to get burned there, for sure.

Juliet knew about Sawyer murdering that guy in Australia. (Who could have seen that?) And she mentioned something about Sayid and Basra.

Ben said that Jacob would "take care of it himself." Are we ever going to see Jacob? Are they saving it for the season ender?

What happened to Rousseau? Did she follow the Others in order to keep track of Alex? I bet she did.

Bits and pieces:

— There were 324 people on flight 815. Did we know that? Too many details!

— Ben said that Richard (from "Mittelos Bioscience") was in Acadia Park. Oregon?

— Gold acting stars for Elizabeth Mitchell, who is just so good. I could feel all of her emotions and see her pain, but I still couldn't tell what side she was really on.

— Wouldn't the serum or whatever go bad pretty quickly in the jungle? Most drugs are perishable.

— The name of the airline in the flashback was Herarat Aviation. "Herarat" is an anagram for "Earhart." Remember Adam and Eve in the cave? Amelia Earhart and her navigator? And "Herarat Aviation" is an anagram for "A variation Earth." (I didn't come up with these myself. I love fandom.)

— Why "Herarat Aviation" when it was the infamous and now blown up submarine? Why was the trip "intense," especially the "last leg"? The magnetic barrier?


Jack: "They'll come around. Just give them time."
Juliet: "My people kept Sayid chained to a swingset for three days. Then I dragged Kate into the jungle, handcuffed myself to her, and lied about it. How much time do you think they need?"

Sawyer: "Well, if it ain't three men and a baby. (pause) I counted Hugo twice."

This was a wonderful episode. I'm loving season three a lot more than season two. Four out of four polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Let me just start by saying, hooray! Everyone is back together in the camp. As a result, I was much more interested in this episode than I have been for quite a while. And, I loved the reunions -- especially Sawyer's with both Jack and Kate.

    I'm beginning to like Juliet more and more -- in spite of the fact that she may be a spy. I admire her strength, both physical (she can kick the crap out of Kate) and mental. The scene with Sayid and Sawyer was fantastic. She just stared them down, very calmly put them both in their place and walked away from them. I was grinning.

    I think Jack is right -- she does want to get off the Island more than anything. It would probably serve Jack if he remembers that she probably wants that more than she wants to be loyal to Jack or his crew.

    One flashback jumped out at me. In it, we see the time that Hurley realises that Ethan wasn't on the plane. Isn't it ironic that Hurley was making a list, ultimately listing who was good (those on the plane) and who was bad (those who weren't).

  2. "Isn't it ironic that Hurley was making a list, ultimately listing who was good (those on the plane) and who was bad (those who weren't)."

    Chris, you are a very intelligent woman.

  3. Josie -- another one I missed. Thank you! What a lovely compliment.

  4. ["My favorite by far and away was Sayid and Sawyer, of all people, teaming up to threaten Juliet together."]

    Why did you fail to mention how Juliet had turned the tables on them? I found that a lot more amazing.


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