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Lost: Man of Science, Man of Faith

Kate: "Kind of unlike you, the whole glass half full thing."
Jack: "There's a glass?"

The lights are on and somebody's home. Somebody that Jack apparently met long ago, when he had bad hair and a worse bedside manner. Yes, we finally got some answers, but this wouldn't be Lost without yet more unanswered questions.

How long has Desmond been in the bunker? (Yeah, and why, and how, but how long is the one that bugged me.) It simply couldn't be that long because Jack must be under forty, it takes years of study to become a doctor, and even though he was young and inexperienced in the flashbacks, Jack was a specialist already. Ten years ago, at the most. Therefore, the sixties/seventies feel of the bunker simply cannot have anything to do with how long Desmond has been in there.

What sort of drug was Desmond taking, and why? Was it for the illness that got him quarantined? Was it a treatment to keep him from getting what the Others have?

We learned a lot about Sarah in the flashbacks. Her courage and forthright manner in the face of such a horrible prognosis were what attracted Jack, I could tell. Is there a relationship between Sarah's miraculous recovery and Locke's? And how did Desmond know Sarah would experience a miracle? It just seemed way too coincidental. Did it have something to do with Jack's utter determination to save her? ("I'm going to fix you.")

Jack was the only doctor in the ER, had two crises, and made a choice to save one. Extremely interesting that in yet another bizarre character connection, the other accident victim was Adam Rutherford, age 57. He must have been Shannon's father, because hey, there are no coincidences on Lost.

Finally, what was going on with Walt? Did Vincent lead Shannon to Walt, or was Walt using Vincent somehow to communicate with her? And couldn't he have done it better? What the hell did he say? Very effective, the way he talked without moving his lips. And he was more than just wet; it was like he was still in the water. Nothing about the raft, though. Next week, please?

Character bits:

This episode began with Desmond's left eye.

The title appeared to be about Jack and Locke, but considering the "miracle" at the end, I think it was all about Jack. Yes, there was Jack/Locke conflict, but I think the best is yet to come.

Shannon got the whispers this time. I couldn't hear them, though.

It was very in character for Kate to go help Locke. She has an adventurous nature, and is sort of an honorary one of the guys.

Hurley told Jack his long story about the numbers and the lottery, and all Jack heard was, "You were in a psych ward?"

Sarah's fiance didn't ask if she would walk again; he asked if she could still have sex. What a total loser. He sure didn't deserve a woman who could say, "I can still roll around at my wedding."

What more did we learn about Desmond? "I was almost a doctor once." "You have to lift it up." "See you in another life, yeah?" And he called Jack "brother."

How about that Christian/Jack role reversal? Christian giving Jack advice on his bedside manner?

A few new extras were visible. One of them even had a line.

Bits and pieces:

— The action started up right where we left off, but somehow everyone's hair looked a little longer.

— All of the Island action took place during one night.

— Michelle Rodriguez was listed in the cast, but we didn't see her.

— I really, really wish they would give us a time index on the flashbacks. How long have SUVs been around? Adam Rutherford was driving an SUV.

— It was obvious when Jack met him on the stadium steps that Desmond was the guy in the bunker.

— There was a powerful magnet in the bunker. Must be important. Did it make flight 815 and Rousseau's ship crash?

— Hurley's chicken joint was hit by a meteorite? I don't remember that part.

— Where was Kate? After years confined to the bunker, did Desmond see a beautiful woman arrive out of the blue and just consider her a gift from the gods?

— The vial Desmond was shooting up had "CR 4-81516-23 42" on it. Adam Rutherford's time of death was 8:15 a.m. Sarah and Kevin's wedding was in 8 months. And a sharp Lostreviews member noticed that the number 108 on the mural in the Hatch was the sum of 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42.

— The vinyl was the late Cass Elliot of the Mamas and the Papas doing, "Make your own kind of music." (My mother loved Mama Cass.) The most interesting and applicable lyric to that song is, "You're gonna be nowhere / the loneliest kind of lonely / it may be rough going / just to do your thing's the hardest thing to do."


Hurley, as always, got the best line: "Life's not so bad, right? I mean, sure, the Others are coming to, like, eat us all, and every once in awhile someone blows up all over you, but we do get to sleep in every morning."

Jack: "You're frowning."
Christian: "My face is always this way."

Hurley: "Why'd you do that? Why'd you light the fuse, man?"
Locke: "Why wouldn't I light the fuse?"
Hurley: "Uh, maybe because I was running towards you, waving my arms and yelling 'don't do that'?"

Locke actually joked with Kate, and more than once.
Kate: "You left out the part where you just want to see if I get eaten by something."
Locke: "Yeah, well. That, too."

Sarah: "Why would you do that?"
Jack: "I'm intense."

Four out of four polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. The title appeared to be about Jack and Locke, but considering the "miracle" at the end, I think it was all about Jack.

    I was so proud of myself for catching this, but you already had, Billie. I should have known! :-)

    I actually had to pause the disc and go back to look up Shannon's surname because I wasn't 100% sure. But, once I was, it must be her father. It's just too big a coincidence for this show.

    Interesting that they continue to use music by people who are dead. I love Mama Cass, but not particularly this song. Oddly enough, it worked, especially in the teaser. I spent the teaser thinking, "huh??? Is this the right show?"

    Was it me, or was there a mirror (looking glass) at the bottom of the shaft (rabbit hole)? And, I hadn't noticed the name of the hospital, but Saint Sebastian was known for being able to convert people to the faith...

  2. With an almost melted brain after finishing the first season earlier on, curiosity was SO strong that I had to watch the first 5 minutes... I had to. But it wasn't the Island pushing me to do so. I swear. (rather, it's excellent writing and story telling)

    Yes Chris, it was a mirror, because the "guardian" seemed to have some sort of telescope to check the tunnel....

    Taking a few days "off" before I'll go watch the remaining 37 minutes or so. And then it's off to another season.

  3. Ah

    The face of the man of faith finally down in that hatch.

    You're awesome Mister O'Quinn.

  4. About the chronology,the flashback occures in 2000. Jack(and his funny wig) is man of science and man of faith at the same time.
    The Hatch's mystery is season's theme.
    Brother Desmond,make your own kind of music :)


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