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Lost: S.O.S.

Eko: "People are saved in different ways, Bernard."
Bernard: "I think I liked you better when you just hit people with your stick."

This was a really sweet episode, and notable for being about continuing guest stars instead of cast. But frankly, my dear, not a whole lot happened. Except that I seem to have a lot to say about it.

The big revelation was that the health-related miracles are for real. I've wondered forever if Locke's paralysis was psychosomatic, and let's face it, Sun could be pregnant by someone else. But if Rose's cancer was healed because of the Island, then Locke really was paralyzed, and Jin really was sterile. And now they're not. Boggles the mind. Is Rose right? Will she get sick again if she leaves the Island? Will Locke's paralysis return? I wonder. I'm guessing Sun's baby won't vanish into thin air, though.

Is the healing power caused by magnetism? Isaac of Uluru told Rose, "There are certain places with great energy. Spots on the earth, like the one we're above now. Perhaps this energy is geological, magnetic. Or perhaps it's something else. And when possible, I harness this energy and give it to others." Note the references to magnetism, and to "others." How does the magnetism relate to the experiment? Does it have any connection to why the Others want people who are good? Isaac's reaction to Rose reminded me a lot of Claire's psychic in "Raised by Another." Did Isaac know that Rose would end up on the Island, and did he decide not to tell her?

The Rose/Bernard backstory was very sweet; they're both lovely people. I was surprised that they were newlyweds because I'd assumed they'd been married a long time. Yeah, because of their age. (As we all know, "assume" makes an ass out of Uma Thurman.) Rose's serenity was all the more impressive, considering the circumstances. And I was particularly impressed by Bernard's marriage proposal, and not just because of Niagara Falls and the violins. When she told him she was dying, he was stunned, of course – but then he just proposed again, and he meant it. That takes serious strength of character, and a whole lotta love. Go, Bernard.

It was gratifying to see Jack treating Kate as competent again. He figured out that the Others didn't want Kate or himself. Smart man. But, like Ana Lucia, I kept thinking that Jack's attempt to trade Henry for Walt wouldn't work. I think it was because they don't have enough solid information on why the Others want children, or exactly who Henry is.

It was a good idea to try, though. I'm all for getting rid of Henry. He seems more evil every week. That sly smile conveyed that he was definitely playing them, and that things were going according to plan. He said he was done lying, so note how he was silent, except for saying that the Others would never give up Walt. He knew who Walt was. If he was telling the truth, it's not going to be easy to get Walt back.

Michael finally returned. He was gone a long time. While I didn't really miss him, I was curious about where he was all this time. Did the Others give him back to Jack, hoping it would make him go away?

Character bits:

Rose and Bernard were on flight 815 because they went to Australia for their honeymoon and the faith healing fiasco. Bernard was 56 when they met and had never been married before. He proposed to Rose after knowing her for five months. Rose was dying of a terminal illness and had a year to live. Since she said she'd been in remission, I'm assuming it was cancer.

Rose knew that Locke was in a wheelchair, and told no one. She suggested that Locke's broken leg would heal very quickly. ("Honey, you and I both know it's not going to take that long.")

"Isaac of Uluru" was played by Wayne Pygram, who is probably better known to us sci-fi geeks as Scorpius on Farscape. Without the makeup and costume, I thought he looked a lot like Patrick Stewart.

I found it hard to believe that Kate would fall for that doll trick. She's smarter than that. Although Jack and Kate stuck in that net together was very cute. And there was semi-romantic banter and there were definitely smoochy vibes.

Hurley was on a fish and water diet.

Sawyer managed a couple of nicknames: Dr. Giggles (Jack), and Norma Rae (Bernard). Wasn't Dr. Giggles a dentist? Bernard was a dentist.

There were again several close-ups of the extras, and we even got some names: Jenkins, that Frogurt guy Neil, Craig, Richard, Ralph.

Bits and pieces:

— It has been two months since the crash.

— Locke was ignoring the countdown because he was preoccupied with recreating the Ultraviolet Map. Was he subconsciously toying with the idea of letting it go down to zero to see that map again?

— Bernard's idea about the sign was actually a pretty good one.

— All of the food labels had the same number: DI 9FFTR731. Has to mean something.

— Eko was indeed building a church, with Charlie's help.

— Kate kept the "Maternity Leave" revelations to herself. Again, we have the lack of communication on the Island.

— I loved that wonderful song at the beginning and the end. Several helpful readers have told me that it's called, "These Arms of Mine."

— How did they create that Rose/Bernard snow scene in Hawaii? Probably wasn't easy.

— As far as the gun situation goes, the score is now Jack 2, Sawyer 0.

— Even though this wasn't what I'd call a great episode, L. Scott Caldwell and Sam Anderson were just wonderful in it.

— Here's one of the many useless facts floating about in my brain. Which ship was the very first in history to send an S.O.S.? The answer is at the bottom of this review.

— Rose: "I guess I was raised never to question my blessings." Definitely consistently with her character.

— In the irony department, when Rose and Bernard were arguing about being lost :) in the Outback, Rose said, "That's why I wanted to be on a beach for our honeymoon." Looks like she got her wish.

— Rose: "So, what does God have to do to get your attention?"

A: The Titanic, back in 1912.

Two out of four polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. "The first ship to transmit an SOS distress call appears to have been the Cunard liner Slavonia on June 10, 1909" From Wikipedia

  2. Another science vs. faith episode. Bernard had faith in Australia while Rose did not. Now, Rose has faith in the Island and Bernard, at least at first, does not.

    Locke is struggling with his faith, but once he is reminded of the power of the Island by Rose, his memory of the map begins to come back.

    Jack is, at least for now, winning the triangle award. Loved the montage at the end with all the duos. There can be love, friendship and respect in the oddest of places.

  3. I love Rose and Bernard.

    Interesting thing I noticed: of the four Tailies, Eko and Ana still haven't changed their clothes. But Bernard and Libby have. A sign of who has become fully part of the group, and who hasn't?

  4. Rose and Bernard are so lovely and sweet.
    Jack and Kate are interrupted at that very moment,again. At least they restart to talk and trust each other.


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