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Lost: Two for the Road

Ana Lucia: "You tell anyone about this and I'll kill you."
Sawyer: "Guess that takes cuddling off the table."

A whole freaking season, practically nothing happens. And then, boom. Hot sex and multiple character deaths, all in one episode.

Killing off one cast member would have been unexpected. Killing off two in the space of a minute was downright shocking, as well as ballsy. (There was some pretty intense swearing going on at my house.) It was impossible not to observe that the two characters Michael killed were the same two cast members who were recently arrested for drunk driving in real life, and the title of the episode was "Two for the Road." Coincidence? How could it possibly be a coincidence? At least Ana Lucia got some closure as a character before her premature departure. In the flashback, she connected with her mother and showed regret for committing murder. And in the end, she couldn't kill Henry in cold blood.

But Michael killed Ana Lucia in cold blood, didn't he? Personally, I find it hard to believe that the good guy Michael that we know would kill two innocent women, even for Walt. Was he lying about the Others? Was he lying about everything? Either Michael was "turned" by the Others and sent back to the Hatch for Henry, or the Others made Michael do it in return for Walt. Will Michael kill Henry or let him go? If he lets him go, I think that makes Henry the Big Cheese, after all. And that makes sense. Who could they cast who would be scarier than Michael Emerson?

Either way, I gotta say that for the first time, Michael was interesting. He certainly got my attention. Maybe he works better as one of the bad guys.

This is a show known for its flashbacks. We probably haven't seen the last of Ana Lucia and Libby, if Libby is indeed dead. We still don't know what Libby was doing at the mental hospital with Hurley, or how Christian died. Two important plot points.

Speaking of flashbacks, how about the shocker that Ana Lucia went to Australia as bodyguard to Jack's father? And that Christian has a daughter? We still don't know the final piece of that one, but the mother was blonde and the daughter would be Australian, right? There is one Lostaway who is female, blonde, and Australian. In season one, Claire said her mother disowned her, and her father abandoned her.

Is Claire Jack's half-sister?

Character bits:

After killing Jason, Ana Lucia left law enforcement and worked in airline security. The Ana Lucia flashbacks with her mother again paralleled Jack's with his father, i.e., the two of them worked together, and one left because of doing something very wrong.

Ana Lucia called Christian "Tom." Interestingly enough, the other Toms we heard about in the series were Kate's dead beloved, Tom, who was also a doctor, and Claire's boyfriend Thomas, who abandoned her.

Christian called Ana Lucia "Sarah," his daughter-in-law's name. Was Christian in love with Jack's wife? Was he possibly even involved with Jack's wife? Stranger things have happened.

Jack and Locke finally appeared to be communicating. That was a long time coming.

Ana Lucia pointed out that killers love to talk, and Henry was quiet. Maybe Henry isn't a killer.

Henry said that Ana Lucia killed two people. Was he talking about Goodwin and Shannon? Actually, it was three, with Jason McCormick.

Henry said that Locke was "one of the good ones." I wonder if Locke will be inspired to go undercover with the Others?

Sawyer called Ana Lucia "Lucy" and "muchacha" before they had wild and crazy sex.

Bits and pieces:

— Omigod, a pseudo-commercial for the Hanso Foundation! They gave a number: 1-877-HANSORG.

— Christian Shephard has been in more flashback episodes than any other character. And in more different character's flashbacks as well: Jack's, Sawyer's, Ana Lucia's. (Did I miss anyone?)

— We saw Sawyer in the flashback because the car scene was right before Christian had that fateful drink with Sawyer. I assume.

— How many times now have we seen flashbacks of Jack at that ticket counter?

— Michael said that he saw twenty-two Others, they were ragged, lived in canvas tents and teepees, and that they lived on dried fish. And that there was another Hatch. Of course, Michael was probably lying, seeing as he's now a killer and all.

— Ana Lucia told Sawyer, "You tell anyone about this and I'll kill you." Very Buffy and Spike. Shannon had sex, and died almost immediately afterward. Ana Lucia had sex, and died almost immediately afterward. Single women dying after having sex is becoming a trend. Kate and Claire had better be careful.

— The movie Hurley was talking about with the radio over his head thing was Jon Cusack in Say Anything.

— Sawyer was still reading the manuscript of Bad Twin.

— More Patsy Cline. Isn't that an interesting coincidence? Or does someone in the Lost writing staff just like Patsy Cline? Wait a minute. Patsy Cline died in a plane crash. I can't believe I just now remembered that.

— Sayid told Hurley that there was a beautiful beach three kilometers from there. Isn't there a beautiful beach three seconds from there? Okay, privacy, I get it, but still.

— There were jungle drums during the sex scene. :) She was so after that gun.

— I have no desire to spoil anyone, but what happened in the Alias episode that aired directly before Lost... it's interesting, considering that the two shows have a common creator.


Christian: "So how does one get into wanding?"

Hurley: "Maybe if I get drunk enough, I'll remember where I know you from." Libby was not pleased about this one. But I guess it doesn't matter now.

Locke: "Where are they, James?"
Sawyer: "You too, Brutus?"

Dan thought this episode jerked us around, but I thought it was pretty impressive. Plus, it jerked us around. Four out of four polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I had exactly the same thought you did. Episode after episode, I have been waiting (somewhat impatiently) for this show to ramp up to its old level. And, OMG, we got a lot in this one!

    To begin with, while Christian is working the issues with his son with Ana and she is working out the issues with her mother with Christian, how creepy is it that he calls her by his daughter-in-law’s name. Yuck and yuck again. Interesting, however, that they met the same way Ana and Jack did -- in an airport bar.

    I went through the same thought process (female, blonde, Australian, young) to get to Claire as Christian’s daughter. She and Jack as siblings? Could be interesting, yet how will they ever discover it stuck on the Island?

    Having spent the better part of the last four or five days with this merry band, I have become a raging cynic. To the point where I don’t believe anything any one of them says. (I was actually thinking at one point during this show that a real twist would be if one of them were telling the truth!) In short, I didn’t believe a word Michael said and was just waiting for the reveal that the was either working with the Others or had become one himself. In all fairness, however, I did not see the two deaths coming and there was swearing going on here as well.

    Finally, as someone who uses sex constantly to manipulate, how was Sawyer so easily conned? I understand that it’s been a while for him, yet I struggle to believe that sex, even hot and steamy sex like that, would make him forget about his gun. But, I guess the writers needed a way to give Ana a gun...

  2. Such a sad way for Ana to die: just as she's learning to trust again, she gets shot for trusting someone she shouldn't have.

  3. You made two mistakes here.

    First of all, we found out the reason for Christian's death in early season 1, White Rabbit. Alcohol overdose which lead to a heart attack.

    And "Henry" was referring to the two people she killed as the members of the Others. First she killed the lady with the Army knife and list of the names in the tail section and then Goodwin.

  4. Schock Schock Schock
    Goodbye Libby and Ana!
    Judas Micheal kills two woman(Two for the road) for his son.
    In the flashback Ana meets Christian(Two for the road)and both of them drink and struggle about their similar familiar issues.
    Ana was a potential new heroin(a romantic interest for Jack and Sawyer,a teammate for Sayid,a leader)but the test is failed.The show asked us to invest in Ana(and the Tailes),then her arc abruptly stopped.

  5. Ana and Christian was a neat little pair-up... RIP
    It really is a shame, it would've been nice to keep her around as a reliable 2nd-in-command... now there's really only Eko left for the integrated tailies.
    Despite the last few episodes that were kinda dull to me (the Bernard and the Hugo one) this season breezed by really quickly. Though still not as quickly as Veronica Mars's s1


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