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Lost: Tricia Tanaka is Dead

Sawyer: "I'll be damned. Y'all found yourselves a hippie car."

Not every Lost episode has to be dire and full of angst. Hurley-centric episodes are never my favorite, but they're always amusing and this one made me laugh out loud a dozen times. The meteor strike had me howling. And the scenes with the guys and the van were fun.

So Hurley has daddy issues. Everyone on the Island has daddy issues. The carburator-less Camaro was all about how his life stopped working when Cheech left. Getting the hippie van to run symbolized that Hurley finally changed his luck and got things to work for himself, a recurring theme on Lost, for sure. Charlie faced down his fate, too. It took guts for him to get into that van and practically go off a cliff with a death sentence hanging over his head.

Sawyer was again in primo nicknaming form. In fact, this episode might be his personal best. Oliver Twist, Munchkin, and Jiminy Cricket (Charlie); Snuffy, Jumbotron, and International House of Pancakes (Hurley); Jimbo (Jin), and Skeletor (the late Roger workman). Interestingly enough, he referred to Kate as Kate, for the first time in awhile. Sawyer kept looking at Jin with Sun, at Charlie with Claire. I think Sawyer is feeling the urge to nest with Kate, and now – too bad – he's pushed her away.

Sun is finally making Jin learn English. (It's season three. Do you think it's time?) And now he has all the phrases he needs to make Sun happy. "I'm sorry." "You were right." "Those pants don't make you look fat." I know, a real stereotype, but I still thought it was funny.

Great ending, with Kate telling Danielle Rousseau about her daughter. And now Sayid, Locke, Kate and Rousseau, the Island's SWAT team, are going after Jack. The Others don't stand a chance.

Character bits:

Hurley lived in Diamond Bar. I don't think we knew that.

Hurley's ex-boss Randy, who might also be Locke's ex-boss Randy, survived the meteor strike on Mr. Clucks. His last name sounded like "Nation." (Is that right?)

Johnny ran off with Starla. Now, that's sad.

After becoming a millionaire, Hurley stole a chef for his own home. The Trans, who worked at Bennigan's. Very funny.

Charlie shaved, and immediately looked a lot handsomer. (Did he want to look good for his own funeral?) I hope he starts a trend because I'm getting tired of the stubble on all those good looking guys.

Vincent was definitely channeling Lassie.

When Sawyer was a little kid with mono who lived in a trailer, he liked to watch Little House on the Prairie. Before or after the death of his parents?

Sawyer finally got back to the beach, to safety, but he still managed to get a dart in his foot. (From the Hatch?) Must be because the producers just love hurting Sawyer. They know it drives us nuts.

Bits and pieces:-

— Hurley told Charlie, "Death finds me, dude," and Vincent promptly ran up to him with a severed, desiccated arm in his mouth. This episode's theme was changing Hurley's luck. Appropriate that there was a rabbit's foot on the key chain. Not lucky for the rabbit, of course.

— This series is full of car crashes, but not this time. Yes, it was very unlikely that Hurley could get that van to run again, but I seem to remember a character named Stu in Stephen King's The Stand doing the same thing with an old car that had been sitting forever. So hey, literary precedent.

— "Shambala." That's a Dharma theme song if I've ever heard one.

— We had yet another psychic. Hurley gave her $10,000 for the truth. Was that what Bernard paid that Australian psychic to heal Rose?

— Much, much beer. Very old beer. I kept thinking that they should be more careful, since Jack's not around.

— The Camaro's license plate was 429 PCE. I can't get Hurley's numbers out of it, but Charlie's last name is Pace.

— In the teaser, Daddy Reyes drove off on a motorcycle that had "AMAH" on the gas tank. Okay, Yamaha, but "amah" means a female servant who cleans and looks after children.


Sawyer: "Hey, somebody's hooked on phonics."

Mama Reyes: (covering Jesus' ears) "I have needs."
Hurley: (covering his own ears) "No, no, no!"

Nice change of pace. Three out of four polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. A bit of a filler episode, but I enjoyed it. The scene with the guys driving around in the bus with "Shambala" playing was a classic. I watched it twice.

    I caught the symbolism of Hurley getting the van to run, but is this the first time in the entire series that we have seen a car that did not crash? Feels like it.

    Sawyer breaks my heart. Wish he would use one or two of those phrases he taught Jin and get his girl back. He really is his own worst enemy. By holding on so tightly to the idea that he is bad and unloveable, he becomes just that. Shame.

  2. "Sometimes you gotta look death in the face and say, 'whatever, man.'"

    That may be one of the greatest lines ever written.

  3. Reason #108 to Love Hurley:

    When the meteor(ite) strikes Mr. Clucks, Hurley grabs his terrible former boss and protects him.

  4. This episode was a nice curveball. Lost has been pretty dark since the Others started nosing around and this episode was pretty funny. I thought the van stuff was hilarious, especially when Sawyer found the head and freaked out, and then put it on the skeleton

  5. #hurleyrocks he was fantastic this episode. He's one of my favourite characters along with Sawyer and Mr Eko.

  6. I don't know what it is about it but Sawyer laughingly correcting Hurley on the fact that Roger's last name isn't actually Workman is one of the funniest things to me. I never stop guffawing at it.

    Why aren't Sayid and Locke particularly motivated to getting their only doctor back?


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