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Lost: The Whole Truth

Jin: "A baby will change everything. A baby will make it better."

Now we know who taught Sun English (Mr. Lee) and where she was going to run (the U.S.). If she's only a couple of months along, did she get pregnant right after the crash? Or before?

Let me mention the obvious. We were meant to notice that Sun and Mr. Lee were attracted to each other, and that Mr. Lee's earlier affair did not work out. They were alone together in a hotel room many, many times. Her look in that final scene when she was hugging Jin suggested that there was still something we didn't know. Is it possible that the baby is Lee's? Sun told Jin she'd never been with another man, though, and I have a hard time believing that she lied. Which meant that Jin's sterility was reversed and we have another miracle, like Locke's.

Jin's lack of English was finally getting to him, since so many people knew Sun was pregnant before he did. I really loved the scene with Sawyer and Bernard speaking incomprehensible English gibberish. (I wonder if it means anything if you play it backward?) Jin told Sun "I love you" in English, so maybe he's ready to learn now.

A calm Ana Lucia, a contained Sayid, and a subdued Charlie went off into the jungle together, looking for a smiley face hot air balloon. It was funny how Sayid and Ana Lucia, two people who should probably avoid each other, felt so much in sync – out of touch with the others but still determined to do anything to protect them. They told each other some serious truths, too. Well, mostly Ana Lucia told Sayid truths. And there even seemed to be something of an attraction, at least on Sayid's part, when he was watching her while she was sleeping. Or maybe not. Maybe he was trying to control his homicidal rage.

So will they find the balloon? Or is it a trap? Has to be a trap. Henry Gale is so squirrelly. He gives me serial killer vibes. I just can't believe he's an innocent crasher-into-the-islander. (But maybe that's why they cast such a squirrelly guy, to throw us off.) Henry quoted Dostoevsky:

Henry: "'Men reject their prophets and slay them. But they love their martyrs and honor those whom they have slain.' So what's the difference between a martyr and a prophet?"
Jack: "Either way, sounds like you end up dead."
Henry: "That's the spirit."

What did this mean? Did it mean anything? Sounded like prophets don't think they'll end up dead, but they do. Huh?

Finally, we had more of the Jack and Locke show. Locke invaded Jack's space when Jack was showering. Locke said, "My hatch." (By the way, I noticed that Sun also said, "My garden.") Locke said to Ana Lucia, "I don't need Jack's permission to talk to you." Locke proposed bringing Ana Lucia in on the Henry situation to Jack... after he'd already done it. The Jack/Locke clash is escalating so slowly that I'm losing patience. Can't they just throw down already?

Character bits:

Yunjin Kim looked absolutely gorgeous in the flashbacks. And Daniel Dae Kim looked pretty hot with his shirt off. (For that matter, so did Jack coming out of the shower. There are some good looking people on that Island, aren't there?)

Bernard and Rose were snipping at each other because he forgot her birthday. (A second instance of a married couple's failure to communicate, in case we didn't get it the first time when it was Sun and Jin.) Why didn't Bernard mark it down on the calendar? Because, hey, stranded on an island in the Pacific?

Liked the scene where Hurley and Sun met in the jungle and both looked guilty and tried to hide what they had in their hands. He had a candy bar and she was looking for a private place to pee on a stick. Note they didn't question each other.

The doctor's name was Kim, just like our two actors. I read somewhere that one in five Koreans are named Kim.

Kate said she'd taken a pregnancy test, but not what the results were. Was she once pregnant?

Sawyer was reading Are You There, God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. I'm told it's about a girl getting her first period. Continuing with our general fertility theme.

Sawyer was very accommodating of Sun's request. He doesn't want to deprive anyone. He just wants control over everything and everybody.

Sawyer called Jin "Daddy-o" and "Papa san," and Bernard "Bernie" and "Suzy."

Sun and Jin mentioned using characters from his father's name and her mother's for their baby. That was lovely.

Bits and pieces:

— It has only been three days since Henry Gale was captured. Time goes ooooh so slowly on the Island. Since time appears to run ten times slower on the Island than for us, I would put Sun's due date at about five years from now. Maybe it'll be the series finale.

— This week's Most Obvious Symbolism was Jin and Sun planting her garden together. Garden, baby? Duh.

— If I were Sun, there would be nothing that would keep me alone in that garden after being attacked. I know she was just doing it to test her boundaries with Jin, but still.

— Shouldn't the fact that Charlie has a gun raise some eyebrows?

— What are Sayid and Charlie making? Did I space it out?

— Widmore Labs home pregnancy test. The sharp people at LostReviews noticed that Widmore was the name of Michael's construction company. I wonder if it's a name that means something.

— The pantry is still full of food? Guess Hurley didn't give it all away, or hoard it all for himself.


Kate: "I mean, who flies with a pregnancy test, right?" Indeed. The Island giveth some strange things.

Sun: "How's your book?"
Sawyer: "Predictable. Not nearly enough sex."

Ana Lucia: "You flew around the world in a balloon and you don't think you can draw up a good map?" Good point.

Charlie (about Sayid): "Humor's not his strong suit." (Looks at Ana Lucia) "And I'm saying this to you."

Sayid: "Do Jack and Locke know about this?"
Ana Lucia: "Jack and Locke are a little too busy worrying about Locke and Jack."

The title intimated that we were going to Learn Something. Were you enlightened? I wasn't enlightened. But it was still a good episode. Three out of four polar bears,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Sorry, Billie, but I believe that Sun completely and totally lied about her relationship with Mr. Lee. But, I am hoping that the Island has worked its healing magic and the baby is Jin’s. After everything these two have been through together, it would be so sad if she were pregnant by another man.

    I really felt for Jin in the final garden scene when he tells Sun that he has no one to talk to. Speaking from experience, it is very difficult and very lonely to live in an environment where everyone else is speaking a foreign language and you can only understand a few words. Having said that, the man has been on the island for how long now? It’s time to start trying to learn the language.

    I felt in this episode as though the writers were trying hard to get Ana Lucia to look more sympathetic, especially in the scene where she apologises to Sayid. Too little, too late. If the Others are going to get anyone in that trio, I vote her off the Island.

    A couple of great character beats. Kate talking about someone flying with the pregnancy kit and then giving a nervous laugh. Is there any chance she is pregnant or am I reaching? And Sawyer’s book made me laugh out loud. When I was nine or ten, this was the book that we all passed around and talked about and which, frankly, shocked our parents a bit due its frank discussion of first bras and first periods. Ah, the sweet innocence of youth...

    The scene at the end with Henry absolutely creeped me out. I get the same vibes from him; there is no way he is an innocent survivor of a plane crash.

    The best bit in the entire episode was the scene where Sun is talking to Jack and Kate about the pregnancy. Jack tells Sun that she really should tell Jin the whole truth. Then, thirty seconds later, he lies to Kate about what’s happening in the bunker. The lies and secrets that these people keep from each other never ceases to amaze me.

  2. Lol Sawyer's book made me think about one of Supernatural's episode titles. The air dates are about two years apart though


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