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Alias: 30 Seconds

Sloane: "It's not an obsession. It's faith."

We're clearly heading for a Rambaldi end game in the series finale, and hallelujah.

I got the feeling early in this episode that Nadia wasn't long for this world, so subconsciously, I must have put a couple of things together. Like, for one – in order to make a Rambaldi end game exciting and fun, Sloane would have to be evil again. For two, love for Nadia was what turned Sloane good in the first place. Ergo, Nadia had to die in order for Sloane to be evil again. I suppose it's possible that Sloane has something else in mind, less villainous and more save-the-world-y. Maybe there's a Rambaldi end game in which he could resurrect Nadia. Who knows?

Of course, Sloane still had the original Page 47. He's our Machiavellian Sloane, after all. When it was burning in the fireplace, the Rambaldi symbol was clearly visible. And now it's half-burned and has Nadia's blood all over it, as well. When they start selling Alias memorabilia on eBay, Page 47 is going to be the top seller, I can tell you that right now.

I still think that Nadia was Jack's daughter, and that Jack knew it. There were a couple of things here that could have been construed that way. Like the look on Jack's face when Nadia woke up. Like Jack telling Nadia she had more than Sloane for family. I could be projecting, though. I tend to project when I have pet theories.

With Rene's death on top of Nadia's (coincidentally, both from a wound to the throat), I wonder if this is a sign that the last few episodes will be a character bloodbath? Or maybe everyone will come back from the dead. I've always thought the Rambaldi end game had to have something to do with immortality and resurrection.

So two characters died. But hey. Sloane is evil again. Color me happy.

Bits and pieces:

— Renee told Sydney she couldn't join APO because she couldn't trust. Ironic that trusting Sydney herself was what ultimately killed Renee. (I sort of expected Renee to leave a message written in blood, but she probably didn't have time.)

— Who tipped off Anna Espinosa about the trap? Was it the possibly evil Tom Grace?

— We again got the Jack and Marshall show, this time with Mitchell's toys as visual aids.

— Marshall talked about piggybacking. Shades of La Femme Nikita.

— Tom blowing out the painted doorway in the wall, almost like a cartoon, was very cool.

— "30 seconds" was supposed to be the amount of time between Nadia's death and her resurrection by Sloane. Feels like there should be more to it. Maybe it just means that Nadia is now in the middle of that 30 seconds forever.

— What was with the hospital bracelet? Yes, it had the date she was admitted on it (4-23-05), but was it just an excuse to give Nadia a reason to search on Sloane's desk for scissors and find Page 47? I thought for a moment that she was looking at her own blood type, feeding into my previously mentioned pet theory.

— I have no desire to spoil anyone, but what happened in the Lost episode that aired directly after this one... it's interesting, considering that the two shows have a common creator.

— More Ford product placement. I don't like product placement. It jars us out of the story.


Marshall: "He's in Zurich. 47-22 north, 8-32 east."
Note the 47.

Marshall: "Now, this place. Crazy crowded. I'm not talking about mall crowded, I'm saying, like people, cars, goats..."

This week's...

... itinerary, and wow, they got around: Jaipur, Barcelona, Paris, Zurich, Ghana.

... hot look: Loved Sydney blonde, in pink, playing Mary Kay with a down home accent. Renee got to go blonde too before her untimely end, but she had a better dress.

Three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. NOOOOOO!!!!!!! they've killed Nadia! She.was so pretty and a.good agent and sister.


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