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Alias: There's Only One Sydney Bristow

Rachel: "Uh, guys. Who's Rambaldi?"

I am so enjoying the way they are revisiting the old Alias, with the return of my favorite characters as well as some extreme and familiar plot twists.

Will has always been a favorite of mine, and it was especially lovely to see him undercover with Sydney again, bad French accents and all. Although I did spend most of the episode worried that his head would indeed explode. (I wouldn't put it past them to kill him off, especially now that we're nearing The End.) Note that Will rescued Sydney not once, but twice. What an agent he would have made. Tell me again why they dropped him from the cast?

And Anna Espinosa, of course. Gina Torres is another favorite of mine; she manages to show up in nearly every one of my favorite shows. She even did the lipstick on the glass thing again. It was just like going back in time.

There were finally some developments with Sloane, who was inadvertently responsible for Sydney's unfortunate DNA bath. We got to see the twelve leaders of Prophet Five; I was mildly disappointed that there were no familiar faces. Did Sloane indeed get the cure for Nadia? Will Nadia soon return to consciousness and help Sydney fight Sydney Two?

Since it's a fine Alias tradition, Dan and I both figured out that they were doubling Sydney about halfway through the episode. (Coincidentally, I remember back in season two when Francie was doubled that I thought at first it might be Anna Espinosa.) I'm less happy about them revisiting the doubling thing than I am with the rest of the episode, because, hey, been there, done that. They did it very well, but still.

At least Rambaldi is back, and that's a good. I've never been certain if I loved the Rambaldi plotlines or just put up with them, but let's face it: it wouldn't be the end of Alias without Rambaldi. Was the return of Page 47 a red herring? It can't be a coincidence that the writers reminded us about it. Could it be a picture of the new and improved Anna Espinosa?

Bits and pieces:

— Sydney named her daughter Isabelle, the name she and Vaughn chose together in the fifth season opener. And it was confirmed that Sydney and Jack knew all along that Vaughn was alive.

— Sydney told the guy who tried to pick her up in the club that she was breast-feeding. Is she?

— How about Agents Rance and Dalton, babysitters extraordinaire? Even though I could see the jokes coming, you gotta love two deadpan secret agents in sharp suits with a briefcase full of high tech equipment, rattles, and pacifiers.

— "Long term deep cover" for Anna, but this is probably the last we'll see of Gina Torres.

— How the heck did Anna breathe during the transformation? Isn't it hard to hold your breath and writhe in agony at the same time? I know, petty details, pick pick pick.

— The black/white fight scene that ended in red was probably intended to remind us that Sydney and Anna have similar builds.

— When Joseph wasn't allowed in the top level Prophet Five meeting, Sloane handed him his coat. :) So much for Joseph.

— Will is engaged, and wants Sydney to be his best man.

— Amy Acker and Gina Torres worked together before in season four of Angel.

— Will was held in room 147.


Jack: "Sydney, you do not leave edged weapons within the reach of children."
Sydney: "She's four weeks old, Dad."
Jack: "Particularly young Bristow women."
Sydney: "She can't even hold her head up. I think we're safe."

Agent Rance: (deadpan) "With your permission, ma'am, we'd like to go through the house, babyproof it from top to bottom. Socket protectors, safety latches, gates for the stairs, spread-spectrum RF detectors, perimeter sensors, explosive sniffers... all the usual stuff."

Sydney: "Delicate porcelain lily?"
Will: "Leave me alone. I was on a roll."

This week's...

... itinerary: Minsk, Moscow, Lisbon.

... hot look: as soon as I heard that Sydney would infiltrate a club, I thought, Whoopee! After all the maternity clothes, are we finally going to get an Outfit? Well, not really, but at least she was wearing a red wig. Dixon let his braids go free. And Rachel looked hot in her little black dress and little black hair.

A solid three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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