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Alias: A Broken Heart

Vaughn: "We have to be very careful here. We have to be wildly crazy careful."

More Rambaldi, and more Anna Espinosa. We learned here that Rambaldi spent the last ten years of his life working on something major, but we didn't find out what it was. I dunno: creating a synthetic polymer in the fifteenth century might have kept him occupied.

Despite warnings, Will continued investigating Danny's death, and I sense this won't end well. Will now knows that Danny wasn't traveling alone; he would have been with Kate Jones, which is an Alias of Sydney's. Except Will didn't know that. And it didn't look like Sydney was ready for a romantic involvement with Will, since their second kiss went nowhere and she actually pushed the barrier with Vaughn by crying on his shoulder. Did Sydney really think Vaughn was married this whole time, or was she just checking him out? I think she was checking him out. Sydney's too smart to bring up something like that by accident: she wanted to know.

On the father/daughter front, Sydney asked Jack out to dinner – it was clearly a big step for her, and difficult to do – and he stood her up. At least he was feeling guilty for keeping whatever it was from Sydney, as evidenced by his little brain lapse with McCullough. Was he nervous about getting closer to his daughter?

This week's cliffhanger: Sydney suspended above a clandestine surgical operation.

Bits and pieces:

— There was another great fight scene with Sydney and Anna, as well as one with the nasty guy who broke her arm a few years ago in Corsica.

— Francie: "Have you ever spied on anyone?"

— Francie was still worried about Charlie cheating on her. And I'm still not sure I care. Although Sydney giving Francie tips about how to spy on Charlie was fun.

— There was mention of SD-3.

— There was mention for the first time that Sloane has a wife, Emily, who is ill.

— I particularly liked the shot of Sydney crying on the Santa Monica Pier with the Ferris wheel behind her. Beautiful.

— My favorite scene was at the beginning, with Sydney and Anna memorizing the code as quickly as they could while it was dissolving.

— I don't think braids and kerchief qualify as a hot look. The tight golden pants she was wearing in Sao Paulo were pretty cool, though.

— This week's itinerary: A football field in Berlin (or do they play soccer in Germany?); a five hundred year old church in Malaga, Spain; shopping in Morocco; and a party and clandestine surgical operation in Sao Paulo.

Three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. The scene with Sydney and Vaughn broke my heart, even though I'm a Sydney/Will fan. (What would they be? Syll? Wydney?) I agree that Sydney was fishing for info at the car wash, but I wonder if she was also hoping for a friendship. Vaughn is one of the few people who knows everything there is to know about her; that must be lonely.

    I think the church in Malaga was actually the old mission church in San Juan Capistrano that appeared in a Buffy episode, although I can't remember which Buffy episode right now.

    I loved the shiny outfit. I can't wait for shiny clothes to become popular again. The pseudo-hippie crochet-a-palooza? Not so much.

  2. I've always loved the scene on the pier, not so much for the content of it but for the actual shot which is just gorgeous.

    I like Will, but I resent his pimping out Jenny for information. Definitely one of his low points.

  3. This is a great episode! I agree that the pier scene is gorgeous. I cry for Sydney in this one. Yes, it was sad when Danny was killed, but this is different. Sydney is always so strong and she finally starts to crack under the stress. Yes, there is a love triangle, but Syd NEEDS Vaughn. There is no one else she can be her whole self with, and that is why I cry for her here.


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