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Alias: Parity

Sydney: "My days of blindly following orders are over."

Sydney is getting behind on her schoolwork. The fact that she was busy recovering nuclear weapons for her country is no excuse.

This episode introduced a major Alias storyline: the artifacts and designs of Milo Rambaldi, who died in 1496. That's 1496, not 1996. (Vaughn: "DaVinci meets Nostradamus. Personally, I don't buy it.") The machine Sydney stole in the pilot episode was designed by Rambaldi, not Muller. Rambaldi wrote machine code in the fifteenth century? Yeah, right.

Although this episode had a very exciting face off between Sydney and a K-Directorate agent named Anna (loved their fight and the scene in the vault), the real story here was the relationships. A love triangle seems to be developing. The tequila and ice cream kiss with Will was pretty interesting, but I sense that Sydney is developing a stronger relationship with Vaughn, probably because of the dramatic nature of their association. Lambert, Sydney's new handler who was very quickly her ex-handler, was outright revolting ("Grab a little face time with my girl"? Jeez), and Sydney's insistence on Vaughn's reinstatement was very satisfying.

Sydney also tried to mend her relationship with her father. Jack told Sydney that her mother knew Jack was in the CIA, and that she died in an accident. But Jack lied, and Sloane seemed to know the truth – which, of course, implied that something spy-related was involved.

In the meantime, Will, despite what Sydney asked, continued investigating Danny's death, anyway. Now it's the traffic cameras, which weren't functioning for a mile around Danny's apartment at the time of his death. Will is going to get smacked down by SD-6 if he isn't more careful.

Tonight's cliffhanger: As Sydney and Anna opened the box, Sydney said, "Oh my god." And we didn't get to see what she saw. Darn.

Bits and pieces:

— Charlie is cheating on Francie. I'm not sure I care.

— My favorite scene was Sydney swinging through the air on a chain, like Princess Leia or Indiana Jones.

— Anna Espinosa from K-Directorate had the Rambaldi acolyte mark on her hand, above her thumb.

This week's...

... itinerary: Madrid and Berlin.

... hot look: Red dress, red hair, fiberglass pearls, and a microphone in a pendant.

... language skills: Sydney spoke Russian and Spanish with Anna. As well as English.

Two out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. They divided a stadium in Berlin into two parts: post-Communist K-Directorate, and the pseudo-American spy ring SD-6. Nothing like a subtle Berlin wall joke to make my day!

    Sloane is such a conniving creep. Last episode, he asked Jack about his relationship with Sydney, even though obviously Jack isn't the kind of guy to talk about it. And in this one, he surprised Sydney by making her see her father in the office--without warning. Does he just like playing games? Is he jealous of Jack's parental role? Is he trying to weaken Jack emotionally because he suspects something?

    And last but never least: Gina Torres!

  2. The "guardian angel" comment is one of my favorites from the entire show. I had forgotten how early in the series it is.

    And, I'm with Josie. Gina Torres!!


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