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Alias: Hourglass

Sydney: "She could be an innocent victim."
Jack: "With Irina Derevko and Arvin Sloane as her parents? I don't think so."

Wow, it was fun watching the entire cast manipulate Lauren for a change.

I was mildly confused about how Sydney's sister could be 25 years old, so, conveniently, we were reminded during the champagne scene that Sydney was born in April of 1975. Irina supposedly died when Sydney was, what — five? six? ... okay, that works. Irina must have gotten pregnant on purpose (I can't quite picture Irina getting knocked up by accident) so she must have known about the prophecy ahead of time.

Does this mean that my pet theory about Sark being Sydney's brother is toast? When Carradine told Sydney, "The passenger. She is your destiny... she is your sister," I just flashed on Luke and Leia, and I even giggled. This is getting so improbable, anyway. Maybe this mysterious sister and Sark are boy-girl twins.

After some serious angst, Vaughn did pretty well as husband double agent man, although I wonder how he conjured up the stones to have sex with Lauren while he knew Sydney was listening. It reminded me of Allison/Francie spying on him in bed with Sydney. In Spy World, sex is just another asset, something to be used.

Why did Jack lie to Sydney about his plans to circumvent Sloane's execution? We're still not sure what the Rambaldi healing thingy can do. Would Sloane have survived his execution anyway? And maybe I've been wrong all this time. Maybe discovering that he had a daughter two years ago in Nepal really did change Sloane.

Bits and pieces:

— Another clandestine Jack/Irina e-mail exchange. In lieu of Lena, they're using Olivia (Peggy Lipton) to fill the bad mom void. I still miss Lena, though.

— The champagne Jack gave Sloane reminded me of the drugged wine Sloane gave Emily.

— I used to love Kung Fu, and it's been such fun for me to see David Carradine essentially playing Caine as a Rambaldi devotee. Too bad he's dead now. The character, not Carradine.

— Marshall: "She is good. I mean, if you had to fall in love with someone that was evil, I can see why it was her."

— Vaughn did much, much better with the stealth than Marshall ("Lauren, uh, agent Vaughn, Reed... Mrs. Vaughn-Reed... Hi! What can I do for you?")

— Precognitive supergenius or not, I still find it totally unbelievable that Rambaldi cracked the double helix in the fifteenth century. I mean, come on.

This week's...

... plot point: "The Restoration" is the coded docs about the Passenger that came out of Il Dire. I'm making a valiant effort to keep track of this stuff; it helps later on.

... language skills: The code was in fourth century Neapolitan Italian. Plus, what language was David Carradine speaking, and what did he say?

... itinerary: Nepal; the Thar Desert; and Richmond, Virginia. And a club in Little Tokyo.

... hot look: Sydney's pale purple dress, accessorized by two Uzis.

Three out of four spies. Still no news about the series being renewed. When it starts getting this late in a season with no word, I get worried,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. Have I said yet how much I love Peggy Lipton?

    And how impressed I am with the casting on this show? Not just the fun villains and guest stars, either: they do a great job of finding people that look like they really could be related. I think if Victor Garber and Lena Olin had a child she would look exactly like Jennifer Garner.


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