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Alias: Maternal Instinct

"I'm sure she'll be a wonderful parent to her own child. She has two such lovely role models."

Spy Mom and Spy Dad, together again. Oh, Irina, how I've missed you. I dare say Jack and Irina together are Alias at its best. It was so much fun to see all three of them undercover together. And Sydney going into labor during a clandestine mission? Had to happen.

Loved Jack taking the beacon out of Irina's bra. Loved Peyton calling Jack "Grandpa" right before he took her down. Loved Irina staying to deliver Sydney's baby. Loved the way Dixon and Renee interrogated Jean Bertrand. I even liked the faux Italian accents.

It's a girl. Another Derevko woman. (Be afraid. Be very afraid.) What will Sydney name her? In the first episode of season five, Sydney and Vaughn agreed on a name: Isabelle Bristow Vaughn. But I still think it should be a beautiful Russian name ending with the letter A. It's a family tradition, after all.

And now Irina has the Horizon, whatever it is. Irina, Irina, Irina. What are you doing? Irina confessed to Sydney that she was ordered to get pregnant (what they called "blood cover" on La Femme Nikita), and that she couldn't be both a good mother and a good agent. But Irina couldn't bring herself to leave Sydney alone while she was in labor. Sydney is still more important to Irina than anything else. Maybe what Irina is doing with the Horizon isn't evil; she did say, "They're not my team" when she was talking about Prophet Five.

Vaughn is alive! I knew it! (Well, I hoped it.) The scene where he was shot three zillion times was faked then; it must have been squibs. And it appears that Jack and Sydney knew all along. I'm trying not to hope for too much for the series finale, but I want Sydney and Vaughn to live happily ever after, taking down bad guys and raising their daughter together. I want Jack and Irina together in the end even more than Sydney and Vaughn, although I don't believe it will happen. And since I'm making wishes, how about Weiss and Nadia? I'm a romantic, what can I say.

Bits and pieces:

— Sydney's initial reaction to seeing Irina ("Mom?") was a callback to the beginning of season two. She and Irina talked about "truth takes time," also from season two. And Prophet Five's extraction of Jeffrey Davenport, complete with scary car accident, was just like Vaughn's at the end of season four.

— The X-ray of the Horizon made it look like a large tampon.

— Sydney had to hold a gun on her mother while she was in labor. ("Cover your mother.") Only on Alias.

— Jennifer Garner looks so much like Lena Olin that it's almost eerie.

— Things with Tom are still looking bad. Did he tell the Cardinal about Davenport? And Tom just scammed the heck out of Rachel, who is still way too naive for a secret agent.

— We got the short version of the Jack and Marshall show. Jack's voice modulates a little when he's talking to Sydney.

— Loved the shot of Amy Acker walking away as the helicopter debris fell behind her, outside the office windows.

— Jack didn't go to jail after all.

— Still nothing about Nadia. You're an aunt, Nadia.

— "Leo 47 Norte." I shouldn't even have to mention it, since we all know 47 is Rambaldi's favorite number.

— When Jack asked Sydney where she'd like to be, I immediately said out loud, "On a beach with Vaughn." And that's just what Sydney said.

— The Prophet Five organization is thirty years old. That's close to how old Sydney is, isn't it? It got active again only six months ago.


Dixon: "Let's be honest, Syd. Right now, you waddle."
Not any more, thank heaven. It felt like Sydney was pregnant forever. Fie on you, Ben Affleck.

Marshall: "I love secret conspiracies. As long as I'm a co-conspirator."

Sydney: "She has Vaughn's eyes."
So she's not Rambaldi's baby? Maybe Rambaldi has Vaughn's eyes, too.

Irina: "Tell the team they'll need diapers."
Looks like they brought baby clothes, too.

This week's...

... itinerary: Paris, Vancouver, Bhutan. For a moment, I thought we were going to see David Carradine again.

... hot look: Undercover Irina in her little black dress. And Renee Rienne, with those fishnet stockings, spike heels, and blonde wig.

An episode in which a major character gives birth is usually so sweet that it's gagworthy. But not this one. Loved it to bits. Four out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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