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Alias: S.O.S.

Weiss: "One more thing. Next time, just call."

It was fast-paced, it was amusing, it had everyone committing treason and Marshall in disguise, so I watched most of this one with a big smile on my face. Well, okay, I wasn't as thrilled when it segued into medical ickiness, but still.

The Langley mission was standard Alias fun. I particularly liked Eric Weiss coming to their rescue, Marshall cracking the impossible Enigma code, and Rachel running smack into a door of the server room. That demo of the Cold War spy coin that held microfilm was a great inside joke. The guide was actually saying, "You can only imagine what's in use today" as Rachel was passing some high tech gizmo to Dixon.

If Prophet Five is infiltrating the top levels of world governments, the ever popular world domination must be their end game. I really thought they were going to take Sydney's baby; I thought they already had during the last few minutes where they were so careful only to shoot Jennifer Garner from the chest up. It appears the baby's health is important to them. And was that ultrasound weird, or what? It was like the baby had a disco ball in there with it.

What is going on with Tom Grace? Is he really a member of Prophet Five? Is his real name Peter? Is that whole dead wife thing a ruse? Or could he possibly be doing something undercover for Jack? Maybe he has some connection to Rambaldi. After all, the Rambaldi symbol is over Balthazar Getty's name in the credits this season.

Bits and pieces:

— Amy Acker is now a cast member. I love Amy Acker. And Elodie Bouchez is now a "special guest star." It's probably for the best, since they're never going to have time to develop Rene Rienne as a character now.

— It was so great to see Greg Grunberg again. I missed him.

— Alpha Black clearance is given only to the top seven CIA directors. All well and good, but I know how hard it is to schedule a meeting with top executives. How did Jack get them all into one room so quickly?

— Sydney's ID is black seven niner three sierra, confirmation foxtrot one.

— Sydney's own doctor appears to be a member of Prophet Five. Unless Sydney was hallucinating from the drugs.

— Angus what's his face is still trying to control Sloane, and Sloane is still giving him a hard time.

— Jack was arrested. Is he going to jail again? That's my boy. He's a rebel.

— The head of Red Cell on La Femme Nikita was also called the Cardinal. Is that a standard title for the heads of terrorist organizations? Or was it yet another Nikita ripoff?

— "S.O.S." is the title of last week's Lost episode. Considering the relationship between Lost and Alias, this can't be a coincidence.

— In this week's hair report, Dixon has an interesting new do: lots of tiny braids.


Marshall: "Sorry, it just came to me. I play a lot of Sudoku."

Weiss: "I cannot believe this, but I have to cancel my pilates again."
Does this create a scary mental image, or what?

Marshall: "Maybe they found out I decoded the message! We should run!"
Dixon: (sotto voce) "Take it down a notch, Hamlet."

This week's...

... itinerary: Langley, Washington D.C., and a cargo ship in the North Atlantic.

... language skills: In that scene with Korman, Tom Grace was speaking German.

Fun was had. Three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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