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Alias: Out of the Box

Sydney: "This isn't an abduction. It's a rescue."

Usually, I have some glimmer of an idea of what's going on, but this frozen guy thing has me at a complete loss.

At least we now know who's in the box: Dr. Aldo Desantis, played by Pretender alumni Patrick Bachau. What happened to Renee's father, then? Was it doubling? The immunosuppressants hint that it was a brain transplant, which takes us dangerously into Frankenstein territory. Why was he frozen for twenty years? Does it have anything to do with Rambaldi?

I just don't believe Sloane was sincere about threatening Senator Lewis' daughter; he staggered just a bit as he was leaving the skating rink, which signaled to me that he was upset about it. The fun part was that Jack is prepared for Sloane going dark again. (I don't know why that surprised me; Jack is certainly no one's fool.) I like the idea of Jack as the permanent APO director, and the thought of him and Sloane on opposite sides again almost makes me salivate. I wish they'd stop teasing us with the possibility of Sloane turning evil again, and just deliver.

There's a whole lotta bonding going on. Sydney and Renee achieved trust. Marshall and Rachel had a cute bonding scene over War Games and hacking into the Pentagon. (They never did reveal what their favorite movies were.) And finally, Tom Grace seems like a younger version of Jack. They did some bonding, too, and the resemblance gets more pronounced every week.

Bits and pieces:

— Renee told her "father" that it was 2006. Is this the first time we're told what the date actually is? Is this how they're handling Sydney's two missing years? Plus, they referred to Desantis' hibernation as lasting 23 years, and then they said it was 20. What was it?

— Rachel is living with Sydney? Geez, how many roommates has she had in the course of the series?

— That initial raid on the base made Renee look like Wonder Woman. She even broke out of an upper story window, in flames, and fell into the back of a truck. Stunt-o-rama.

— "Charlotte" was one of Marshall's cuter gadgets.

— Did Renee get a haircut? Or was that another wig?


Marshall: "I always thought of Germany as the home of processed meats, you know, because of all the sausages. And there's liverwurst, bratwurst, fleishwurst..."

Tom: "Let's take a look at our bad boy." (pause) "Make that a bad girl."

Sydney: "My father is overprotective."
You think?

Tom: "My mother always said if someone was worth shooting once, they're worth shooting twice."
Jack: "Sorry I never met her. She sounds like my kind of woman."
Tom: "I think the two of you would have gotten along."

This week's...

... itinerary: Frankfurt, Marseilles, San Francisco, Kaesong, and Geneva in flashback. They sure got around this time.

... semi-hot look: Dixon and Rachel, in color-coordinated cover clothes.

Two out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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