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Alias: Mockingbird

Rachel: "A week ago, I had a good job working for the CIA. Now I have the truth."

Just another day at the office. But I'm liking Rachel a little more now.

The Sydney/Rachel parallels continue, with Rachel determined to completely debrief without stopping for rest or food, just as Sydney did in the pilot episode. We also had some Alias 101, with Sydney lecturing Rachel on becoming someone else. The whole casino heist/car-in-the-air thing felt a lot like old Alias in its best Mission: Impossible tradition, but with new players. Rachel may not have kept her cool in Prague (and who could blame her, seeing pieces of her workmates all over the debris), but she was satisfyingly professional in the end.

Yes, I'm an evil, maniacal mastermind, but I'm much better now? Sloane's trial raised more questions than it answered when he made a crooked deal to get out of life in prison. Does he plan to keep whatever bargain he made with Dean? Or did he do it just to keep himself free to look for a cure for Nadia?

Sloane says that knowing he had a daughter was what changed him. I'm still convinced, after what Irina said offhand to Jack in "Search and Rescue" that Nadia is Jack's daughter, not Sloane's. If I'm right and Sloane discovers the truth, will he revert to type? I'm imagining Jack and Sloane once more on opposite sides, and you know what? It sounds pretty good.

"The select blood runs through... Rouquet's heart."
"The future's history is written in... the ink of the past."
"What the mirror reflects... lives eternal."
"If there was ever a one, there was ever... the twelve."

Didn't these verification phrases sound Rambaldi-like? The only one I can't place is the last one. Any suggestions?

Bits and pieces:

— During the teaser, they very carefully did not show that Rachel was there, too.

— Rachel's new call sign is "Sidewinder." At first, we're meant to think it's Tom's. What is Tom's? Did I miss it?

— 10/17 is Rachel's birthday. She just had a birthday.

— Amy Acker was back as Dean's partner. Yay. But she didn't do much. Boo.

— The First Cayman Trust. Not big with the trust.

— The vault code was 97326347. Had to get a 47 in there somewhere.


Undercover Dixon: "You're pregnant. You should not be in a casino. You should be at home."
Well, no, but yes. Jennifer really should get off her feet soon, huh?

A little character development for Rachel: "There's a reason I wanted to work at a desk. I don't like pressure. Or death, for that matter."

A little more character development for Tom, too. "If he tries to blindfold us, he may have a problem. I'm not in the mood for blindfolds today."

Sydney: "What can I say, sir? I'm not like other moms."

Marshall: "I'm kind of like a Comanche Indian... a Comanche Indian who tracks data."

Sydney: "Rachel, hang on a sec."
That was actually pretty funny, along with:
Sydney: "Don't worry, I've been in much worse situations than this."
Rachel (weakly, from the trunk of the car): "You have?"

Rachel: "How can you people sleep after something like this?"
I'm with Rachel here. I'd probably be throwing up in the airplane john, or something.

This week's...

... itinerary: Monte Carlo, Prague again, and the Cayman Islands, which sure looked like Malibu to me.

... hot look: I gotta say, Jennifer looked pretty good in blue and black casino maternity wear.

I liked this one. Three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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  1. The car thing is memorable and fun, but I loved the teaser's tease and the way it played some of the old-fashioned Alias games of dissimulation.

    Rachel is an interesting character, especially because she seems to unexceptional at first. Does she have a secret heart of iron, like Sydney? Or is she just not up to spy snuf?


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