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Alias: Solo

Rachel: "I'm gonna put on my strappy shoes and my teeny dress, and I'm gonna try."

This one was fun. I laughed a lot. It had a sort of Buffy-like zing to the dialogue. (Yes, I know it was written by Jeffrey Bell.)

I hadn't even given a thought to Rachel's family, but of course they would be in danger from Gordon Dean. Rachel appears to have had a good childhood with a normal, loving family, which seriously contrasts with Sydney growing up caught between James Bond and the agents of SMERSH.

In fact, Rachel is growing on me. The whole oil rig platform scene was great. Yes, she was terrified, but she got into it, didn't she? And Amy Acker was back, and she got to be all psycho killer, which was very cool. We even had a third kick-ass woman: Renee Rienne was in the episode only for about a minute, but she was once again Wonder Woman Super Spy. It's like Renee is half of Sydney, and Rachel is the other half. Maybe that's what the producers had in mind.

Sloane is now established as Jack's assistant director. Is Sloane attempting to string Dean along by giving him info that won't hurt APO? I wonder if Jack knows about all this, and if he and Sloane are working out the best way to handle the situation? No, that's not possible. Jack wouldn't let Gordon Dean keep operating if he knew where the guy was. Or would he? When Sloane told Sydney he had something to confess to her, I thought he was going to spill the beans... but no. He did tell her, though, that he would do whatever it took to save Nadia. Was he trying to hint at it, maybe?

My favorite scene was probably Dixon's ploy at the Chinese Consulate party. "Ours! Is a forbidden love!" And we had some reminders of the dearly departed Vaughn for a change, with Sydney in the store watching a guy who looked like Vaughn with the little girl, and her listening to that old tape at the end with the recorder aimed at the baby.

And finally, Mia Maestro is back! Yes, only for a moment, but they wouldn't have shown her face in that hospital bed if we weren't getting a Nadia appearance in the near future. So yay.

Bits and pieces:

— The Rachel/Tom "sparring" scene was very cute, and only a little predictable. "I don't really... spar."

— The actors who played Rachel's family looked a lot like her. Or did it seem that way just because they were all blonde?

— I loved the spring-loaded ice pick. Sorta like a hairbrush switchblade.

— Marshall mentioned the sporking incident from last season's wonderful episode, "Tuesday."

— Is Sloane still wearing a wedding ring? That could just be Ron Rifkin's, but I like the idea that Sloane might still be wearing Emily's ring.


Rachel: "We're a kind of weird family. We actually like each other."
Weird for Alias, anyway.

Marshall: "Only she could turn pregnancy into an alias."

Marshall also said, "Great. We're five by five." Was that a little Buffy shout-out?

Sydney: "This is going to be too easy, Rachel."

Rachel: "My god, you're..."
Peyton: "Not dead?"
Rachel: "I was going to say evil."
Now, see, that sounded Buffy-like. Didn't it?

This week's...

... itinerary: Marseilles, Bombay, South China Sea.

... language skills: Sydney did Chinese.

... hot look: Rachel in her red-headed hooker wear, although Sydney in the gorgeous green Indian maternity dress and jewelry was also cool.

Three out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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