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Alias: Rendezvous

Weiss: "There was a line we have been sworn not to cross. We're about a mile past that."

This episode was like a rocket, it moved so fast, and there was so much going on. Switching pages again? This mission was so convoluted with the ampules and the Rambaldi pages and the invisible ink that I was having a very hard time keeping track.

The Alliance meeting was intense. Emily's natural death in exchange for info from Khasinau? I couldn't get over his chutzpah, thanking Sydney for not doing to him what he did to her and Danny. His voice actually broke when he was telling Sydney that Security wouldn't be taking out Emily. "That's more than I did for you." I was convinced at this point that Sloane would kill Emily. Painlessly, maybe? And now Emily is in remission. Geez, Louise, what a situation for Sloane.

Sark is fascinating, smart, and utterly diabolical. Ready to give it up immediately, so pragmatic. And he managed to fool Sloane with that wine thing; Sloane thought he had Sark, and Sark outsmarted him with a transfusion.

Will's reaction to seeing Sydney in Paris was absolutely priceless, possibly the most fun moment of the season. Unless he's dead. Did Sark kill Will?

Bits and pieces:

— Did Jennifer Garner do her own singing? She's a multi-talented woman.

— Weiss is lying for Vaughn, and Vaughn is doing a poor job of keeping his distance.

— Sydney: "Now that Will knows the truth, he's never going to trust me again."

— Dixon is putting two and two together: the "freelancer" thing, and her injury in Denpasar.

— Roger Moore got his, didn't he?

This week's...

... itinerary: Denpasar, London, Paris,

... language skills: Dixon and Sydney with the French.

... cool gadget: a faked heartbeat?

... hot look: That black fantasy outfit and red hair that Sark was staring at so lustfully while Sydney was singing.

Four out of four spies, of course,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Wonderful!

    This is the first time Sark really sees Sydney, right? Without a dirty window or veil in the way.

    What a fabulous cliffhanger, too. Will can't be dead, right? Not so soon after Sydney killed Noah, and after all the talk about Danny's death. To quote Elena from VD, no one can be that tragic in love.

    While the spyjinks were cool, the highlight for me was Will's reaction to Sydney finding him in the Paris cafe. And him being such a wonderful sport about it all, afterward. For a while, rumor had it that Bradley Cooper was going to play Lucifer in a movie version of Paradise Lost. (Luckily, I think someone has realized that's a horrible idea.) I'll never be able to picture Will Tippen as devilish, selfish, or a glory-hound.

    Sloane was outsmarted by Sark. I wonder how much of that was due to his own emotional distractions? Or maybe he just underestimated the most clean-cut little spy in all the world. :-)

    Only one episode left until the season finale. And I've got Girl Scout cookies. I'm so excited!

  2. Will's reaction was definitely a highlight of this episode and the first season. It's been about two years since I've seen this episode, and I can still picture the moment precisely. Awesome!

  3. Agree that Will's reaction is the highlight. But, I also like the way he didn't judge. Would that we all have friends like that!

  4. Every time I watch this episode, I rewatch Will's "AHHH" moment at least five times.

  5. Will is so great in this episode! The reaction is classic!

    I love how Vaughn, who realizes he's too close to Syd, pushes her away and reassures her that Will would never abandon her. And, he was right. Good for Vaughn, even though I want him to end up with Syd (or me!).

    And, Sloane is a great character. I have to admit that I love how much he loves Emily. I also think he was truly remorseful about Danny. Not remorseful enough, but there was some regret over how he hurt her. It's kind of cool to have a bad guy show some humanity.


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