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Alias: The Solution

Sloane: "Are you suggesting that I allow you to kill my wife to enhance my standing within the Alliance?"

This was a twisted, emotional episode, with worlds colliding all over the place. Will and Emily both know about SD-6 now, and I just keep thinking they're both going to die because of it.

Oh, Will. What were you thinking, leaving a story with Abby? I was pretty sure this story wasn't over, but I absolutely cringed when Will said the words "SD-6" to Jack in that bar. I don't want Will to die. Will, don't die!

Oh, Emily. I was also cringing when she mentioned SD-6 to Sydney. Shades of Danny. Will Sloane have to kill the wife he loves so much? The thing is, I have absolutely no idea if he'll do it or not. Sloane is a different man with Emily, but his position with the Alliance and possibly his own life are in danger. That might be enough.

Sydney and Vaughn got to go on another CIA operation together (to get Khasinau); the interesting twist was that Sloane sent Dixon to counter. Did Dixon know Sydney? He did, didn't he?

Bits and pieces:

— That fight with Sark was just wild.

— Vaughn helped Sydney see that she's really accomplishing a great deal. Good for him.

— Francie also didn't like Noah. Again, good instincts.

— Marshall makes pop-up books?

— Will to Jack: "There are a few things we need to talk about, and quite frankly, you scare me, so I'd rather talk about them in a public place."

This week's...

... itinerary: Algeria, Denpasar.

... language skills: Is Michael Vartan French? He sure speaks it like a native.

... hot look: That Indonesian outfit Sydney was wearing was impressive.

Four out of four spies,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I think Michael Vartan is Canadian. Although I think I learned that from one of your later reviews, so I suspect you know that by now. :-)

    This episode was wonderful! Great parallels with Emily and Will--I actually felt bad for Sloane, even though we can't forget he ordered Danny's execution. At least no one told him, "Oh, she'll die soon anyway." I'm not sure that would have gone over well.

    The highlight for me, though, is obviously Sark. David Anders could make 60 Minutes worth watching, or American Idol. (How great is that mental image?)

    The obvious reason for Sydney not going on this "with extreme prejudice" mission is that she's on vacation. But it's interesting that Sloane sends Dixon on a kill mission, but so far hasn't sent Sydney on one. We didn't see who shot those two guards: does Dixon have to bystanders on his conscience?

    Sark, French-speaking Vaughn, Dixon possibly recognizing Sydney--after the mini-arc of Sydney's run-in with the FBI and her run-in with her ex, it felt nice to be back on familiar ground, even if Syd and Dixon are on the wrong sides of the Rambaldi vial.

  2. I thought Vartan (which sounds like the name of an arch-villain) was originally born in France before moving to America?

    Okay, the captcha was "riparm". It's so damn violent these days. If it doesn't stop, I'm going to rip its arm off!

  3. Imdb confirms that you are correct, Paul. I guess I got confused with the constant hockey references.

  4. I find it interesting to contrast Vaughn on a mission with Sydney and Dixon doing the same. Dixon, while he cares about her and does everything to keep her safe, trusts her instincts and lets her get on with it. Vaughn, on the other hand, because he is (obviously!) in love with her, is shouting in her ear to stop when she needs to concentrate the most.

    Wonder which one Sydney prefers?

  5. I think Vaughn's lack of field experience is why he keeps telling Syd to back off. That, and his obvious feelings for her. He knows she's good, but doesn't really know until he sees her in action. You can see his respect for her talent grow every time they are together.

    Dixon is definitely a better partner, except that she has to hide stuff from him. With Vaughn, she knows she is working for the right side.

    And, again.... I love Sark! He's just too cute to be a bad guy. I think that's what makes him such a good bad guy!


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