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Dexter: Morning Comes

Deb: "Bay Harbor Butcher is one of our own."
Lundy: "We keep this to ourselves for now. Just the three of us."
Angel: "I'm going to go tell it to a bottle of scotch."

Yeah, I'd say we could see a bad moon rising, and trouble on the way.

Dexter was trying to "recover" from his addiction to killing. And who did he choose as a sponsor? A psycho pyromaniac who was channeling Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Dexter knows the truth about Lila now, but how can he keep her from hurting Rita, the kids, and even Deb? (Every time Deb sassed Lila, I just cringed.) Dexter will be forced to kill Lila, won't he? He won't have a choice.

Speaking of which, setting Jimenez on Dexter was the stupidest thing Lila could have ever done because Dexter had no choice but to take out Jimenez. (Chainsaw. What poetic, and extremely messy, justice.) Dexter's mother has finally been avenged, and Dexter appeared to be his old killing self, face mask, plastic wrap, and slides. But is he still the killer that he was? Why did he say he felt like he was suffocating? Dexter was so happy just a few short episodes ago. No more.

Jimenez's body, now in pieces, is still out there in the Everglades, waiting to incriminate Dexter. That was different. What did that symbolize? That Dexter's addiction to murder is now out in the open waiting to be discovered? Or that everything is spiraling completely out of control? I was surprised at how uncomfortable I was at the thought – again – that Dexter could get caught. It almost seems inevitable, though. Clever, cradle-robbing Lundy is getting closer; now he knows it's someone in the department. And I gasped out loud when Doakes found the trophy box of slides. All the evidence needed to convict Dexter for many, many homicides is right there in one small, wooden box.

I honestly don't know what's going to happen. I'm on the edge of my seat, so to speak. (I mean that figuratively; don't start picturing me falling out of a chair.) But if Dexter is going to stay alive and out of jail, he's going to need a patsy: someone else has to go down for the Bay Harbor murders, or Miami Metro plus Lundy will never stop looking for him. Since Lila doesn't work at Miami Metro, it's going to have to be Doakes, isn't it?

Bits and pieces:

-- "Morning comes," after "Last night, a forest grew." Symbolically, it's the morning after and Dexter has woken up from his semi-romantic haze to realize he's slept with a really ginormous mistake.

-- The opener was a hoot. I certainly wouldn't want to live with both Deb and Lila in a one-bedroom apartment.

-- Lila said she loved the smell of burned things, and was drawing flames on her wall in charcoal. I mean, really. She should be wearing a big sign saying "insane pyro girl."

-- Rita told Dexter to stay away. But the kids, and Cody in particular, are really missing Dexter. Of course, they also just lost their father.

-- Doakes didn't show up for a lucrative job interview because he broke into Dexter's apartment. He's way too obsessed. He'll never let this go. Doakes joked about becoming a butcher, like his father. Do I have to make the obvious correlation?

-- Deb and Angel tracked down a license plate number, but it turned out that Dexter took a car out of the impound lot. But we've seen him use his own car, a number of times. That was a change in narrative that felt uncomfortable to me.


Dexter: "So now I share the kitchen with a cobra and a mongoose."

Maria: "You know you're going to get called in."
Doakes: "I'll be curious to see if I show up."

Lila: "I like the smell. Don't you? Like something exciting happened here."
Dexter: "It's like when a piece of bread gets stuck in the toaster."

Lundy: "You performed blood work that directly led to Rodrigo walking free. I asked myself, how the hell did that happen?"
Dexter (to himself) "And did you answer, Dexter blew the case on purpose so that he could get Rodrigo off the streets for good with a cordless reciprocating saw?"

Deb: "Double douche! You are not allowed to talk about anyone I date as long as you're seeing little miss pardon-my-tits. I'm sorry, Dex, but she is gross. And pale. And nobody is pale in Miami. She is obviously a vampire. A gross English titty vampire." I think Deb was on to something there.

Vince: "How come you got a hug and I got a pat on the nose?"
Angel: "Because you're like a retarded puppy."

Deb: "Really? You're going to cook for me? Well, don't ever expect me to return the favor. Unless you're a big fan of toast."
Lundy: "I would love to eat your toast. (pause) Gosh, that sounded wrong."

Dexter: "It's like I've been living underwater holding my breath, and now I can finally breathe. So how come it's so suffocating in here?"

Dexter: "I've always known what I am. If the glove fits..."

Dexter: "A secret cabin in the middle of the Everglades. What more could a rededicated serial killer ask for?"

Dexter: "It's one thing to fuck with me. Another to fuck with... my ex-girlfriend who hates me. The Lila experiment is officially over."

Again, three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I am terrified that Dexter is going to be caught. Between the slides and the body, too much is going on that is not strictly under control.

    Is it possible that I am rooting for someone who has killed dozens to get away with it??? What a shift from the first few episodes.

  2. I am torn here. I hope Lundy and Doakes solve this and confront Dexter. They seem way to intelligent to not make the connections. But then they let him go with the understanding that he now works for them. It would seem ludicrous that they would make some mistake and not catch Dexter.


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