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Dexter: Resistance is Futile

Dexter: "Nice. My subconscious isn't even bothering with symbolism."

As episode climaxes go, this one was pretty massive. What a monster dilemma.

Those final scenes were just stunning. Dexter was so calm when Doakes caught him actually tossing Hefty bagsful of Jimenez into his boat. Why so calm? Probably because Dexter had already experienced total deer-in-the-headlights terror earlier that day when the FBI brought him into Lundy's office. I was also impressed that Dexter, shot in the leg and wearing handcuffs, overpowered special forces Doakes, who was armed, not wounded, and had no handcuffs. Impressive.

I thought we were moving toward the possibility that Dexter would pin the killings on Doakes, but I was surprised that Lundy did it for him. (Actually, Doakes did it to himself. That will teach him to walk out on the FBI, huh?) And now Doakes knows everything, and Dexter has Doakes in a cage. How on earth can this end? Dexter might have to kill or implicate an innocent man in order to save himself... except that he really can't without breaking the code that is so much a part of him. Even more immediate, how will Dexter get back to his apartment – with a bullet wound, no less – before the FBI realizes he's gone?

Loved the scenes with Dexter and his FBI entourage. Dexter managed to hide his fear really well when he thought they had come for him. When it went the other way, Dexter just went with it, to the point of making the FBI work extra hours to please him. He was confiding in them about Rita, and even joking with them. Like I said, Dexter is impressive. Especially under pressure.

Dexter slept outside Rita's house to protect her and the kids from Lila. He so obviously wants his less exciting, more normal relationship with Rita back, and she's weakening. But Lila is still out there. She's moving in on Angel, for some reason. Angel may be a homicide detective and a big boy, but Lila is going to make mincemeat out of him. Lila thinks she knows what is going on behind Dexter's mask. But she really has no idea. Or she'd be a lot more careful about screwing with Dexter's friends and loved ones.

And to conclude... I have to say that Deb's relationship this season is a tad more boring than last season. Lundy is a worthy adversary for Dexter and Keith Carradine is cool and all (nude scene! nude scene! Keith Carradine is a damned fine-looking man), but it just feels so incestuous to me. Maybe it's because last season, Deb was essentially dating her brother the serial killer. This season, she's dating her father the cop.

Bits and pieces:

-- I just loved the dream sequence in the opener, with Dexter dragging Jimenez through Miami Metro. Jimenez, ticking and rotting, was highly symbolic of Dexter's life at this point: in pieces, and out of control.

-- Dexter apologized to Rita for cheating. But come on. Weren't they on a break when he did it?

-- I was thinking that Lundy shouldn't have trusted only one lab guy with the slides. But they chose Dexter because they knew he had problems with Doakes. That made sense.

-- Poor Maria. She's the only one who knows for certain that Doakes didn't do it.

-- Deb was determined to keep her affair with Lundy a secret, and she almost immediately told Maria. Very funny.

-- Harry took teenaged Dexter to see an execution. That was heavy. Not a lesson Dexter would forget any time soon, though, so it obviously served its purpose.

-- Doakes went to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to get the slides analyzed. Except he didn't take the slides. Maybe he should have waited for a boat and taken them with him. Oops.

-- The first thing I thought of when I saw the box of slides was that Dexter touches it all the time. Gee, it's a good thing he was the lead lab guy on this one, wasn't it? It also appeared that there were a lot more slides; the box was nearly full.

-- "Resistance is futile" is what the Borg say when they're going to assimilate you and make you into a cyborg. So who is the Borg here? Lila? Probably the FBI. Dexter didn't resist them; he was expecting to be caught. He was even relieved.


Dexter: "Lila's insane. Destructive. A naturally occurring disaster."
Angel: "Okay, so you don't mind if I go for her, then?"

Dexter: "I'm on my way, Jimenez. Don't decompose just yet."

Doakes: "Jesus Christ, Morgan. Jesus fucking Christ. You're the Bay Harbor Butcher."
Dexter: "I really hate that name."

I think the ending made this a four star episode. Three episodes to go and I still don't know how it will end,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. from the camera angle in the very beginning of the opening dream sequence, it looked as though Deb was bringing Dexter into the station in handcuffs.

  2. I'm glad you pointed out the number of slides in the box. My memory is that the box was just over half full, but now it appears to have significantly more. It distracted me during the scene in the lab.

    Also, if they have only found eighteen bodies, where are the rest?

    Dexter isn't really going to leave James to rot in a cage. Is he?

  3. I've already watched every episode of this show but these reviews are making this REWATCH a bonus

    I love seeing what others think of my favorite shows good or bad


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