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Six Feet Under: Eat a Peach

Brenda: "I grew up with parents who had no boundaries. You grew up with parents that had nothing but boundaries. Do you really think that was so much better?"

Lots of parenting issues. Lots of issues with emotional baggage, too. And for some reason, really weird meals. Like the Opening Death. The adoption picnic. Margaret ambushing Claire. George, with an extreme lack of tact, asking Nate if he had had closure with Lisa's murder.

David and Keith went shopping for orphans, which indeed felt a lot like looking at puppies or going to the zoo. Keith definitely didn't want a kid with baggage, right up until the moment he realized that Mary the loopy surrogate would have been baggage extraordinaire. I thought it was sweet that David desperately wanted an older child that no one else wanted, although jumping into adoption with not one but two troubled kids might not be the best idea.

Brenda, who was reading The Coherent Parent, wanted to make certain Maya knew about Lisa. Which is all well and good, except that the full story of Lisa and Hoyt would be way too much baggage for Maya. I was pretty much agreeing with Brenda throughout this one, though. Brenda has turned out to be a pretty darned good mother to Maya and she was right about not keeping major secrets from your kids.

Ruth and Claire were still in a state of war. Claire was feeling sorry for herself because she didn't want to get a job and grow up. And Billy was so juvenile and needy that he got his mother to try to talk Claire into coming back to him. Unbelievable. He said he was back on his meds, but I didn't believe it.

And Julio was acting out at school. Kids do tend to act up when their parents are having problems. Except this was more like Rico misbehaving in order to manipulate Vanessa, and it backfired on him. And of course, Rico wasn't the only adult misbehaving like a child. Ruth admitted that she wanted out, but that she saw George as a needy little boy she couldn't abandon. So apparently, with the help of her knitting circle, she decided on the gradual approach to get him out of her life. First, get him out of the house, right?


— The squabbling elderly siblings were a hoot, like a bunch of elderly bratty children. Daniel killing himself by eating canned cling peaches was like a big child misbehaving in a great big way.

— Mary was completely preoccupied with her own body; everything she said was Too Much Information. Weird, weird, weird woman. What would she have passed on to that baby?

And pieces:

— "Daniel Holzenchenko, 1939-2005."

— Lots of Chenowiths this season, which is good. They're like the flip side of the Fishers.

— Anthony said his mother was in rehab and would be coming back. That reminded me of Taylor.

— Ham balls and Herbie Hancock. :)


Keith: "Should we call Mary?"
David: "No, we don't want to pressure her."
Keith: "Pressure? We just inseminated her."

David: "You liked him. You know you did."
Keith: "He was kinda cute."
David: "He was, wasn't he?"
Keith: "Yeah, in a fucked-up-with-serious-problems kind of way."

Claire: "You used your mother to ambush me?"

Nate: "No offense, but your family is a bunch of fucked up control freaks."
Dead guy: "Whose isn't?"

Vanessa: "I can't believe I married a fucking embalmer."

Three stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I misinterpreted the opening death differently. There was a line about, "your memory being the first to go," and I honestly just think the old man forgot he COULDN'T eat peaches. And he ate one. Time lapsed in the scene to show what it might be like for him, the man with such memory gaps.

  2. I thought this was one of the best episodes of the series so far. That last scene with Nate and Brenda showing Maya pictures of Lisa had me crying. Especially when it comes right after that heart-breaking scene of Ruth showing George the apartment she is going to dump him in.


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