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Heroes: Collision

Hiro: "I need to learn how to say, 'You're going to die in five weeks, then New York will explode' in English."

More big connections. Matt and Claire both woke up on a very uncomfortable table. Nathan slept with Niki. Niki and Hiro passed each other in the Montecito casino. Peter met Mohinder, and tried to take him to meet Isaac.

And Daddy Bennet began doing... what? "He's further along than we thought. Go deep, and clean him out." What were they doing, and why? "Just take the one." Which one did they take? Bennet's black brain-controlling minion was heading for Nathan's side of the bed. I think.

My favorite scenes were Hiro and Ando cleaning up in the casino, and Claire passionately taking revenge on her would-be rapist and murderer, Brody What's his face. Did Brody survive the crash? Did it teach him a lesson? Would Claire have done it if Brody hadn't also raped another girl? (I bet not.)

And I thought what was happening with Peter was pretty interesting. When he's with Nathan, he can fly. When he's with Isaac, he can paint the future. Peter is an empathic superhero, taking on the characteristics of the one he's with. That's even more interesting than being able to fly. So if he's with Matt, he'll be able to read minds? If he's with Hiro, he'll bend time and space?

Niki couldn't make herself have blackmail sex with Nathan... but her inner Incredible Hulk didn't have a problem with it at all. (If she didn't have safe sex, who would get an STD or pregnant? Niki or her reflection?) Nathan wants two mil from Linderman to finance his campaign. Note the mention of two million bucks again. (Niki's husband supposedly stole the same amount.)

Isaac has done a 180 and now thinks he can save everyone with his paintings. Better than thinking they're evil, I guess. Isaac had a vision of Claire running away from something big and scary-looking. Sylar? Isaac has done paintings of Peter, Hiro and Ando, too.

What's going on with Mohinder? Is he normal? Why is he in the story? He keeps talking about what's going on as if it were scientifically valid. I think this show is weakest when it's trying to explain what's going on in a real life way. This isn't real life, and I can accept that it's fantasy.

The ending was good, too. Future Hiro, who spoke perfect English and wore long hair and a samurai sword, came back to tell Peter... what?

Bits and pieces:

-- Bennet's as yet unnamed black minion appears to be telepathic and capable of mind control.

-- When Niki took off her dress, she had the broken DNA helix symbol on her back. (Will it still be on her back when she goes back to being herself? Have we seen her naked back before?)

-- Micah knows what Niki does for a living. Not good.

-- Peter woke up with Simone. And now she's having second thoughts. "I just need to catch my breath before you take it away again."

-- Convenient that the morgue worker had to answer the phone. And that Claire had no identification on her.

-- Isaac's eyes go white when he's future-painting.

-- The escalator scene with Hiro and Ando in the spotless grey suits was evocative of "Rain Man." The question is, who is Dustin Hoffman and who is Tom Cruise? Yeah, I know. Hiro is "Rain Man."

Quotes (this was the most quotable episode so far):

Bennet: "I'm not part of any organization that has initials." That's interesting. Unless he's lying.

Mohinder: "Your life may be in danger. I believe someone is targeting you."
Nathan: "Can you be a little bit more specific? Twelve percent of the electorate strongly opposes me."

Ando: "Is Peter Parker cheating when he sells pictures of Spider-Man?"
Wait. There's something wrong with that analogy.

Nathan: "Don't insult me. I've got trained professionals to do that."

Ando: "Hey. Can you teleport us to the craps table at Caesars Palace?"

Nathan: "It's weird having children, isn't it? It's like you gotta be two different people."
Niki: "Like the person that they see and the person that you really are?"

Future Hiro to Peter: "You look different without your scar."
Future Peter has a scar?

Isaac: "I can save everybody. I'm going to be a hero." (I think it was Peter in the last one and Hiro in the first who said something like this.)

Good episode, with another terrific ending. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. I am truly enjoying this show so far. And, I am loving the connections that are being made -- as you pointed out.

    I like the idea that two of our "heroes" have slept together. That can only make life interesting as the story moves on.

    Peter as an empath? Awesome!


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