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Heroes: Four Months Ago

Peter: "I remember. I remember everything."
Adam: "Good, then. Shall we save the world?"

This was a particularly delicious fill-in-the-blanks episode. It was like watching floating puzzle pieces zoom in and snap together. I was thinking that this might have been a better season premiere than the one we had. Except that back then, we didn't know Adam from, well, Adam, and his four-hundred-year-old grudge against Hiro just might be important to the ongoing story. (I'm being sarcastic.)

Montreal and New York: Peter is my favorite character, and there hasn't been nearly enough of him so far this season. This episode made up for it. A little. It was a start.

Seeing Peter catch poor Nathan in the air and carry him off was very touching, probably the strongest moment in a strong episode. (Peter also told Nathan that he couldn't fly because it took all of his power not to explode, explaining the big plot hole in the first season finale.) As usual, Peter was ready to sacrifice everything for others. He would have stayed in the Company prison forever to keep the world safe from himself, if Adam hadn't tempted him by offering to heal Nathan.

Peter's strange relationship with Elle was intriguing as well as oddly sexy. Elle is a lunatic sadist with superpowers, but she is a victim as well as a monster. She was playing with Peter as if he were a toy, and in return he was manipulating her, using her interest in him as leverage. I wonder if Peter really found Elle attractive? There were smoochies. Could be.

Bob was everywhere in this episode, manipulating people like mad. Is Bob good? Is he bad? What's his ultimate agenda? Impossible to tell. And I can say pretty much the same about Adam Monroe. Is Adam like Linderman, determined to save the world by doing something horrible? When Peter and Adam finally escaped, I was expecting blue bolts and bodies flying. Instead, they just DL'd out of the building. And then there were blue bolts and bodies flying.

Las Vegas, I assume: Poor DL. He survived Linderman, he survived a burning building. and then he got taken out by a nasty jerk with a gun. (DL looked uncomfortable when he saw himself on television. Did the televised rescue have something to do with DL's death?)

Niki felt responsible. She didn't shoot him, but she certainly "loaded the gun." This completely explained why she gave up Micah and turned herself in to the Company. Bob said that Niki's multiple personalities were caused by the trauma of the emergence of these powers, which explains Nathan seeing his burned self in the mirror. Niki is already on personality number three. She's turning into Sybil. (If you don't know who that is, I'm just going to feel old.)

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic plus Zulia, Venezuela: Maya began her career by accidentally taking out everyone at her brother's wedding. Oops. Maya's jealousy of Alejandro's bride felt uncomfortably incestuous to me. Dan laughed out loud when we saw that she had become a nun. I keep thinking there's something weirdly religious about what happens to Maya's eyes, but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it just reminds me of miracles and weeping statues.

Bits and pieces:

-- Leonard Roberts was listed as a special guest star.

-- Elle was the one who cut Peter's hair. Thank you from all of us, Elle.

-- The Haitian can damp down powers, too? Did I miss that? I thought he was just a memory-sucker.

-- Micah is now eleven years old.

-- We now know why Heidi left Nathan: Angela talked her into it, using her powers of persuasion. That must be Angela's superpower. She kept touching Heidi in a weird way. Method acting, or is there something in Angela's touch?

-- Were Nathan and DL in the same Manhattan hospital? I bet they were. Nathan was in room 1909. (I could swear I've seen that number before.) And Micah's birthday cake had 9th Wonders on it. Lotsa nines.

-- Bob and Auntie Uhura exchanged a look. Maybe I imagined it. Maybe not. She has to be in the show for a reason.

-- And yet more Peter with his shirt off.

-- We still don't know what happened to those Ipods.


Elle: "So let's just call them Haitian pills." When are they going to give the guy a name? It's just an inane tease by this time.

Micah: "We could be like the Fantastic Four. Minus one."

Elle: "I've lived in this building for sixteen years, ever since the shrinks diagnosed me as a sociopath with paranoid delusions. But they were just out to get me because I threatened to kill them. I'm twenty-four years old and I've never gone on a date, never been on a roller coaster, never been swimming. and now you know everything there is to know about me. I don't have the luxury of being more interesting than that." All About Elle, in a nutshell.

This was a terrific episode. I think I have to give it four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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