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Heroes: Lizards

Sandra: "We do have a colander, dear. No need to be flashy."

Cork, Ireland: Peter automatically healed without thinking of Claire, and phased without thinking of DL. Let's hope he doesn't want to cook something without a stove.

Speaking of hot, does Peter look great with his shirt off, or what? That and his memory loss made him appear so vulnerable, which is interesting when you consider that Peter could be the most powerful person on the planet. What's in the box? And how come Prison Break left us with the exact same question?

Hartsdale, New York: Mohinder briefly visited Mr. Midas Touch, whose real name appears to be Bob. Of course it is.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Subtitles from French aren't pink; they're also yellow. So I was wrong. (Maybe it's a romance language thing.) It was good to see the Haitian again, great that Mohinder healed him, and I was especially happy when he showed up at the Copy Kingdom. Noah and the Haitian, together again. Will someone please give the man a freaking name?

Mohinder lied to Bob Midas about the Haitian taking his memory. Wow, Mohinder has gotten smooth, and that includes his face. (I am not missing the stubble.)

New York: What fun that Mohinder, Matt and Molly are sort of a family, now. My only question is, why did Matt act like he didn't know Ando? Was Matt just being subtle? Is Ando a part of the Mohinder/Matt/Noah conspiracy?

Kaito Nakamura really is dead. Who killed him? It was either someone who could fly, or someone indestructible. Geez. Was it Nathan? An Isaac Mendez painting of Kaito's dead body was the first in a series of eight. Is Angela going to be number two?

Angela, who is still alive (fortunately, because she's a great character) once had an affair with Kaito Nakamura. (That was a hilarious little tidbit.) We also learned that the broken helix/sword saint symbol was the logo of Angela's husband's law firm. Man, that thing is everywhere.

Otsu, Japan: I must confess that I was underwhelmed by the Japan sequence in the premiere. But this week, I loved it. I knew Hiro would end up masquerading as Kensei last week; I should have said so, and then I would have sounded prophetic when it happened. The big surprise was that Kensei apparently has the same ability as Claire. Did it just manifest? Was that the first time? And is Hiro completely screwing up history, or fixing it?

Mexican border: So Maya and Alejandro are twins. Dan thinks that Maya and Alejandro may be like Shanti and Mohinder, with one manifesting the disease and the other the cure. Or maybe, since they're twins, they just have one power split between the two of them. Or maybe she's out of control and deadly like Ted, and he's a healer like Linderman. Whatever. Clearly, they need to stay together permanently, because Maya without Alejandro is very bad news. (I wonder if the reverse is true?)

The nosy healer said that what Maya had was black enough to kill the devil. Which made me think of Molly's scary guy. Maybe Maya is the key to defeating him. It's way too early to tell, but it's a lot of fun to speculate.

Costa Verde, California: Claire isn't what I'd call an exhibitionist, but she's having a hard time keeping something as big as her powers undercover. I didn't think she'd regenerate a toe; I expected her to grab it out of Mr. Muggles' mouth and stick it back on her foot. I wonder what future dismembering event they just prepared us for?

Just seeing Noah Bennet in the Copy Kingdom makes me smile. Mr. Muggles wistfully watching the other show dogs on television was a hoot, too. Why didn't Claire listen to Mr. Muggles, who was looking straight up -- obviously at West flying away? What's going on with West? Since he was reading "Activating Evolution," I bet he just discovered his own power and has no idea that Claire is miles ahead of him. That would explain why he was so hypersensitive to Claire and totally freaked. She did just cut off her toe, after all.

Bits and pieces:

-- Is Peter getting an Irish love interest? Is Hiro getting a Japanese love interest? Is Claire getting a Californian love interest?

-- It's sad that Hiro has lost his father, and doesn't know it.

-- Another fun restaurant name: the Wandering Rocks Pub.

-- Bob Midas Touch is pronouncing the name "Suresh" correctly now. Last week, it was "Soo-Resh".

-- Noah is no longer keeping anything from Sandra. Good.

-- How on earth did Claire lose that car? She didn't really leave it unlocked, did she? Maybe Nissan took the product placement money away.

-- Yamagato Industries is in trouble. Hiro's sister had better get on the ball.

-- Kaito and Angela were targeted because of last season's bomb thing, weren't they? Maybe it really is Nathan. Although I can't see him taking out his own mother.

-- Mohinder, Matt, and Molly. Alliteration.

-- West is really tall. Or Claire is really short. Or both.


Hiro: "Have you seen a scary white man?"

Hiro: "Before I came back in time and ruined everything, she was supposed to be a princess, and you a hero."
Kensei: "You look like a fish when you talk."

West: "Lizards, huh? I figured you'd be more into whales or something. Unicorns."
Claire: "You know, you make a lot of assumptions. Is my hair really that blonde?"

Lidia: "Come. This is not the time for tears." I think that was supposed to be ironic, since right after that, it was black tear time.

This was a fast paced, fun episode, and I enjoyed it. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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