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Heroes: Run!

Micah: "I just feel like we're supposed to be fighting crime or something."

For some reason, I got a big kick out of Sylar acquiring his new and exciting superpower, the Ability to Melt Things. Sylar seemed sly and earnest and a lot more fun, even though I knew he was going to eat poor Zane. Sylar is obviously going to hang on to Mohinder until he has the name of every Gifted person on the planet. How many episodes until Mohinder figures it out?

I also enjoyed the Jessica/Matt smackdown, although I think I was expecting more. Maybe I was subconsciously hoping Jessica would turn green and start tearing off her clothes. Poor Matt. His mind-reading was no match for Jessica's ability to kick ass. Greg Grunberg being thrown onto that blue diamond sign reminded me of the pilot episode of Lost. At least he survived this time, and with a pocketful of diamonds, too. Matt is out of work, probably permanently, and his wife is pregnant; if he weren't tempted, he wouldn't be human. If he is human. Are these Gifted people officially human? Or are they the next step up? Homo superherus?

The Hiro and Ando segment was a lot more fun this week, although Ando's weakness for Las Vegas blondes is not doing him any good. Ando throwing all of Hiro's hero platitudes right back at him was very cute.

I was mildly dissatisfied with the Claire segment, though. I wanted a Nathan/Claire face to face. Meredith appears to be as morally bankrupt as Nathan occasionally appears to be. Although it's hard to tell with Nathan. It was predictable that Nathan wasn't all that interested in Claire, but I thought it was odd that Mama Petrelli was uninterested, too. She called Nathan a "glorified sperm donor." I immediately thought of my breeding program theory. Does she know something Nathan doesn't?

Turns out that Haitian mind-wipes come with a terrible price. I'm feeling really bad for poor Mrs. Bennet. I thought the way she forgot everyone, including her beloved Mr. Muggles, was particularly sad.

Bits and pieces:

-- The big kaboom is less than two weeks away now. Time is running out.

-- The scenery outside Zane's window actually looked like Virginia Beach. And I loved the Vegas skyline behind Hiro and Ando. The Luxor pyramid made me laugh out loud. But then again, the Luxor pyramid always makes me laugh out loud.

-- So it was Malsky who stole the famous two mil, and now the poor guy is in two pieces. Yes, he was a nasty thief, but very few people actually deserve what Jessica did to him. I want Jessica to do it to Sylar. It would be poetic. But as it turns out, her next target is Nathan. That'll be interesting.

-- Jessica was surprised that Matt could hear Niki. Was Matt just hearing thoughts? Or are the Gifted ones all capable of "hearing" the Niki/Jessica alter ego, like they're able to see Claude? Would that mean Jessica really exists and isn't just a multiple personality disorder?

-- One of the reasons I loved Greg Grunberg in Alias was because he was funny. Maybe the writers need to let Matt be funny.

-- I'm assuming it was just a coincidence that the blonde was named Hope, and Hiro and Ando were looking for hope? The scary blond guy with scar on face and the great big gun was S. R. Gustavson, Gaming Commission. What was really in the pink suitcase?

-- This episode was directed by my favorite Klingon, Roxann Dawson.

-- NBC has been going somewhat promotion-crazy with Heroes. The previews are getting way too intense and with a big lack of follow-through. Calm down, producer guys.


Ando: "Why is it that whenever you want do to something, it's our destiny. But when I want to do something, it's not important?"

Hope: "Thanks for the help, Sulu."

Mohinder: "My god."
Sylar: "You wanna see it again?"

The standard good Heroes episode, which means it gets a three,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

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