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Heroes: Unexpected

Claude: "What are you doing?"
Peter: "Something unexpected."

Well, someone flew, and someone died. Just as advertised.

Peter finally got very cool, as I was hoping he would. He was stopping things in mid-air and flying and turning invisible and all kinds of fun stuff. Which makes me wonder about him exploding and all, since he appears to have all those powers firmly under control. What could possibly set him off, as it were? Yeah, obviously, Ted, but why would that be the one power of so many that Peter can't control?

Maybe because it takes a while to control one, as we just learned from Sylar. Poor Dale Smithers' Gift was giving Sylar a hard time. (That'll teach him to watch what he eats.) Sylar incapacitated by his powers, like Peter was, is an intriguing notion. I'm for it.

Unless she wakes up in the next one with Claire's power of healing, so much for Simone. Isaac was aiming at Peter. (Kill the male nurse, save the world? Or was it jealousy?) Since we were all expecting Claire's mother to bite it, Simone's dramatic death was something of a surprise. (Unexpected, like the title.) I thought she was going to be important somehow, considering that the Deveaux Building is important, and she's a Deveaux. She was in Peter's vision, too.

We have a new Gifted character: Hannah Gittelman. (Did I spell that correctly?) She appears to have a computer-related power, as well as the ability to get men to do what she wants. Finally, a female superhero who's a brunette. And at least Someone is finally Doing Something. Can't wait to see what happens at the Bennet family standoff.

Bits and pieces:

-- With the addition of Hannah, we have fifteen Gifted people in our story.

-- This week's Most Obvious Symbolism: the spilled milk around Mrs. Bennet. I didn't mention it last week and I should have: the boiling water on the stove reminded me of Fatal Attraction. I guess Mr. Muggles was lucky that Mrs. Bennet started remembering him again.

-- Janice looked very pregnant. That was fast; it's only been a few weeks in the Heroes-verse, after all. Janice cheated on Matt. I think she has some nerve coming down on him for a little grand larceny.

-- Mohinder likes Sylar. I kept wanting to shake him. Sylar had a bad headache. Do the math, Mohinder.

-- The two slash marks are from tracking devices. That makes sense.

-- The conflict between HRG and his CareBear is escalating. They seem to be on opposite sides, but they still clearly love each other.

-- Hiro appears to have his powers back. Or did someone else save them? I'm rather sad that Hiro wants Ando to go home, although I agree with his reasons.

-- The bus driver was Stan Lee.

-- Peter asked Claude about the pigeons, and Claude mentioned Darwin and breeding and maximum potential. Claude must be doing something with the pigeons other than feeding them and keeping them on the roof. Well, duh, Billie.

-- Dale Smithers mentioned that her superhearing made a cockroach sound like a parade. Cockroach again.

-- When Ted was at his wife's grave, the grass died in a circle around him. It reminded me of the Nick Stahl character on Carnivale.

-- The cemetery looked pretty familiar to me, and I recognized one of the monuments. I think it was the cemetery they used on Buffy all the time: Angelus Rosedale. I've been there.


Hannah: "I can find them, Ted. And you can nuke them."
Yes, I can imagine having the internet in your head could be pretty useful.

Dale: "Damn. That was my best wrench."

Dale: "That sound in your heart. What is it?"
Sylar: "Murder."

Ted: "If we can save ourselves, we can help others. We can be heroes."

The standard good Heroes episode. And I loved what happened with Peter. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. What does HRG stand for? I've been searching.

  2. What does HRG stand for? I've been searching.

    It stands for "horn-rimmed glasses." He didn't have a name for a long time, so that's what we called him.

  3. I kept shouting "Kate from Castle!!!" She was kickass

    The three making up that team was cool and Peter was amazing... But it could be a problem down the line if he is this powerful...

  4. Stan Lee...just Stan Lee. Reminds me of a friend who had meeting Stan Lee on his bucket list. He did meet him. Very cool moment in a very cool episode in a very cool first season.


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