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Battlestar Galactica: A Day in the Life

Cally: "What if rough patches are all we have left?"

(The writers must have intended that pun, because Cally said it right before the blast doors closed.)

This episode was certainly watchable, and it was big with the character development. And that blow-out of the compartment with Tyrol and Cally exposed to space was truly an omigod moment. But what I really wanted was the start of Gaius' trial and some developments with Caprica Six. Am I going to have to wait until the season finale?

We did finally meet Carolanne Adama (or Adama's version of her), and it appears that her spirit shows up every year on their anniversary just to give Adama a hard time, like the Ghost of Christmas Past. The way she was lurking around invisibly while making a lot of cutting, relevant comments was a lot like Harvey Six's loving persecution of Gaius. Was this intentional? It had to be. Not that I think Adama is a Cylon, because that boat has sailed.

We got an obvious parallel between Adama's not-so-good marriage, and Tyrol's not-so-good marriage. The Tyrol/Cally B plot with the two of them trapped in the airless compartment was pretty cool, pun intended, and gave us some blatantly obvious symbolism about the condition of their marriage (i.e., they're trapped together and running out of air). I really did think it was curtains for Cally. But no. And then I realized that they did this to us last week with Dualla. Writers, may I make a comment? If you're going to kill off an important continuing character, just do it. Stop teasing us.

I'm glad they finally addressed the Adama/Roslin... whatever it is, but disappointed that they probably didn't, and they're probably not gonna. In the opening scene, I thought it was her in bed with him, and you know? it really should have been. This episode was basically about how isolated Adama is. Roslin is also very isolated. They're already close friends and essentially governing partners. Why can't they be together? Who would be hurt if they had some smoochies now and then?

Bits and pieces:

— This week's survivor number: 41,398. We lost three to last week's Mellorak sickness.

— Carolanne Adama was an alcoholic with emotional or mental issues. Which hinted that Lee and Zak were probably abused after their father left.

— The Tyrols have bigger quarters. They're not in a bunk anymore. It's tiny, but at least their marriage can now implode in privacy.

— Baby Nicky looks a lot like Tyrol, so good casting there. Cally was adamant that Nicky not be raised by Lee and Dualla. Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be viper pilots.

— OBE. Overcome By Events.

— Helo was in the ready room with the other pilots. Why isn't he downstairs managing Dogtown?

— This week's bonus scene was more like a bonus scene than the last two. It was Gaeta and Dualla gossiping about Adama and Roslin seeing so much of each other. If only.


Adama: "Baltar again. Can't we just give him back to the Cylons?"

Roslin: "This is very difficult for me to say, but I'm going to go to the gym."
Adama: "Prepare yourself. On its best day, it smells like the inside of a shoe."

Lee: "So what's this?"
Dee: "It was here when I got in. It's from your father."
Lee: "Is it ticking?"
Only mildly funny, but I thought this was illustrative of the Adama/Lee relationship. There's not enough trust, not enough communication. I did like the law book thing. Joseph Adama lives.

Two and a half stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Another filler episode, but I liked it more then Helo's ep from "last week". Character exploration is good and should be done frequently, but i'm also getting a budget conservation vibe here. Maybe for the finale.

    Please let Baltars trial not be part of the finale. Let's get it over in an episode prior and then have the finale deal with something unexpected.

  2. Another filler, but unlike Patryk I liked it a lot LESS than last weeks. I'm not even really sure why, I just found it boring.

    The whole Lee loves Law thing kind of feels like a retcon to get him involved in the trial, and the Adama marriage sections left me cold.

    I did like the Cally chief stuff though, and I really did think we'd lose one of them, especially when Seelix brought chief his kid, I thought we'd find out Cally hadn't made it. Overall OK, which in the grand scheme of things is good for most other shows :)

  3. >>" If you're going to kill off an important continuing character, just do it. Stop teasing us."
    Aw c'mon, are characters not allowed to have scares anymore? Well maybe you're referring to the hinting promos which is part of the viewing experience I miss (DON'T miss, I mean, that shit sucked) on a rewatch. And Kat died so recently -and needlessly IMO even though that was an episode I enjoyed way more on this rewatch, possibly because I found out Jane Espenson wrote it lol)- that I didn't need any more for a good while. If you're bloodthirsty you can satiate yourself on those [X] Survivors tally in the openings whenever they go down without an in-show explanation.

    @Baz: I was the opposite, I found the Adamarriage stuff most interesting once Lee started correcting his dad's assumption on how good a parent his ex-wife was after their separation. It made me want to rewatch In Treatment (show) because I find the memory retconning stuff fascinating lol. But in the end I was mostly just amused by the parallel to Saul's once-intolerable wife.

    This and The Woman King were decent, I only wish these standalones happened before Baltar returned to Galactica


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