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Battlestar Galactica: Home, Part 1

Lee: "It's great to see you again, Kara. Thanks for bringing in the trash."

Last week, Nazi doctors. This week, human sacrifice.

My favorite scene was probably Adama's interesting conversation with Dee. Did he just want an obedient sounding board, or did he know subconsciously that she'd tell him the truth? I think deep down he knew; this is not the first time Adama has admitted a mistake and reconsidered his position. He's a highly intelligent man who doesn't confuse stubbornness and pride with being right, which makes him an exceptional leader. And he's got biceps on him like you wouldn't believe.

Lots of fun Lee and Kara here. Lee showed transparent joy at hearing Kara was alive, and she looked very happy to see him. But it went even further, because he certainly did kiss her, and tell her he loved her ("What was that middle part again?") Even though their interaction was very child-like with the pyramid ball and take-backs and her calling him the poster boy for military discipline, they dig each other. Yes, they do.

Sharon's motivations were still as clear as mud. Cylons know all about the tomb, huh? She thinks she's in love, huh?

I watched that asteroid ka-boom scene a couple of times; Birch wasn't paying attention to what Kat was saying, and didn't bother to clarify a garbled transmission. Communication skills are a major key to good management. Was it just too soon for him, or was he truly a screw-up? Well, I'll answer my own question. I think he was a screw-up.

And finally, Baltar sees people as fish now, huh? Sort of like the ant analogy. Yes, he's got a superiority complex, but then again, he's always had one. He said he was seeing Cylon faces everywhere, and wished he'd asked Sharon who they were. More ambiguity. What a surprise.

Bits and pieces:

— This week's count: 47,858, one more than last week. Okay, I'm tapped. Who is it? It can't be Kara because wouldn't they count Helo, too? What am I spacing out?

— I was sad to see Elosha go. She's been with the story since the miniseries.

— Triple Mexican standoff. Fun. And I think we're working up to dueling Apollos.

— Adama is strengthening his already considerable arms by cracking walnuts with his hands. I don't know why, but I just got a kick out of that.

— No freedom of the press any more. Kind of like America right now, she said sarcastically. ("What happened to free speech, Commander?")

— I hope Lee taking the pyramid ball from Kara was symbolic. I sure don't want her with Anders.

— Richard Hatch is doing a fine job with Tom Zarek, a character with issues and complexity instead of a throwaway cameo. Good on you, Mr. Hatch, and good on them for giving you such a meaty part.

— Helo was finally on a ship again for what, five minutes? And bam, back on a planet.


Laura: "Now, put that thing out the airlock."

Lee: "You missed a few catastrophes while you were away."

Meier: "Has anyone stopped to consider that the reason Sharon knows so much about Kobol is because it's a Cylon trap?"

Zarek: "The man with the guns makes the rules."

Hard to rate a two-parter, so let's wait for next week's,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. I think Starbuck was always included in the count, so my guess is Helo because the count is supposed to represent what the people in the fleet think their numbers are. Helo was considered dead so it's got to be him. After all the count is a substitute for the whiteboard on Colonial One. Or the writers are playing with us and the +1 is the unborn hybrid. :)

    Mostly setup for a big convergence of everyone on Kobol, the 2nd part will probably pay off many plot points. I just hope they won't establish a colony there or something when they won't find any directions to Earth. More space battles please less shooting centurions on ground.

  2. I think Patryk's explanation above is how the count was calculated - it was Roslin's number after all :)

    LOVED the Dee / Adama conversation - definitely my favourite scene of the episode, along with the CIC scence following - I get goosebumps watching that one. If only all leaders were of Adama's quality our world would be a much better place!

    I'm quite "Meh" on the whole Kobol plot to be honest - though seeing everyone's reaction after Sharon saved the day was great (especially Starbuck, of course!) Oh well at least it feels like we will now be done with that sooner rather than later.

  3. >>"— I hope Lee taking the pyramid ball from Kara was symbolic. I sure don't want her with Anders."
    Lee x Anders, funboys4life

    I let out a laugh when I read the first of the Quotes on the review. I didn't watch the episode in one sitting and Roslin's order on Sharon was part of that first sitting, forgotten about by the time I finished the episode just now until I read it again lol. I don't recall if it actually becomes a meme of sorts, all I can tell is this is the 2nd time she's ordered it and the immediate severity of it amuses me. "Madam President, I suggest we question her thoroughly and decide-" "OUT THE AIRLOCK WITH YOU!" (completely inaccurate and actually it's even funnier the way the show plays it because she's more cold about it)
    But anyway I hope it becomes a thing.

    >>"She thinks she's in love, huh?"
    And we know what Adama has to say about what it means if you think you're in love!

    It somehow feels like Starbuck's been away from the fleet even longer than Helo... I'm surprised that she missed out on the whole 'Tigh in command' arc (so far my favourite arc of the entire show, sorry to see it end with last episode...). I think I might've even liked it more than some of the guaranteed 'best of the show's arcs still to come.


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