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Battlestar Galactica: Hub

Roslin: "I love you."
Adama: "About time."

Interesting that such a heavily military episode should also be so philosophical, and so full of heart. There was a lot of blood, too.

This was Mary McDonnell's episode, and they certainly gave her a good one. Roslin discussed her own approaching death during the jumps with her own subconscious (represented by the long dead Elosha), which was an effective and touching way to show her coming to terms with her approaching demise. She finally found a way to forgive Gaius for the horrible things he did, just when she learned the worst. And she realized that love was what mattered in the end. The scenes where Adama put his ring on Roslin's dead finger, and when she greeted him and told him she loved him, both moved me to tears.

The last few episodes have shown human and Cylon slowly coming together and finding common ground, and the shared (and visually stunning) joint raid on the Hub may have cemented that effort by putting Cylons and humans on an equal footing. This was symbolized by the return of D'Anna, who is now singular as well as mortal. I really liked the way D'Anna immediately grasped the entire situation and began jockeying for survival. And I absolutely loved the way she killed Cavil the moment she learned about the destruction of the Hub. She didn't even get out of the bathtub to do it.

For a moment, I completely believed D'Anna when she told Roslin that she was one of the Final Five. Of course, Roslin has been my favorite candidate for awhile. I wonder if D'Anna told Roslin the truth and took it back just to gauge Roslin's reaction? I hope hope hope we find out next week. I'm tired of waiting. I want to know.

I thought it was hilarious that Gaius was so into his new role as savior that he couldn't help proselytizing a Centurion, as well as calling it a big metal dog. He treated the Hybrid like an idiot, too. ("Shh. Hey. Stop jumping the ship, all right?") I know I've asked this before, but what sort of beings are the hybrids, centurions and raiders? Are they just organic machines? Are they slaves? Will we ever find out?

Is Gaius dying? That wound was really bleah. I sort of can't help but like Gaius. He's such a fascinating character.

While Roslin was finally coming around to forgiveness and love, Helo was inadvertently treating another Sharon like his wife. (If base ship Sharon – let's call her Sharon Three – has most of Athena's memories as well as her DNA, isn't she for all intents and purposes Helo's wife?) He may have just blown it with her, though, by following Roslin's orders. And that could mean trouble. As Cavil has demonstrated, the Sharons do tend to change sides. And Sharon Three knows way too much about Galactica, doesn't she?

This was a fabulous episode. I officially forgive them for last week's fumble.

Bits and pieces:

— This week's survivor number: 39,673, one less than last week.

— In her vision, Laura Roslin died on Galactica, which she finally saw as her home. Like Moses, she never reached Earth, the promised land. I don't recall; is that what they said in BSG scripture about the "dying leader"? I mean, other than the "truth of the opera house."

— The Resurrection Hub was in the shape of an egg, snuggled into what made me think of metal Fallopian tubes. Why only one Hub? Wasn't that putting all of their eggs in one basket, so to speak? Okay, now I'm thinking Humpty Dumpty. Too many egg metaphors... must stop...


Cavil: "Boomer's my pet eight. She's seen the light of reason. And an eight can make a passionate ally."
D'Anna: "Until she sees something shiny."

Roslin: "Are you saying that humanity died because I died? If you're my subconscious, I've got to say you're a little full of myself."

Roslin: "Captain. You are not married to the entire production line."

Roslin: "I think you're going to live. As usual."
Gaius: "You know something? You're very pretty."
Roslin: "That morpha worked fast."

"Elosha": "If humanity is going to prove itself worthy of surviving, it can't do it on a case by case basis. A bad man feels his death just as keenly as a good one."

Gotta give it a four. The reader poll also gave it a four,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. So the hub is gone and the Cylons are mortal... All well and good, but I really just want to know what the endgame is now. Is it finding earth? Is it the humans and Cylons joining as one people? Or is there something else planned?

    Good episode, but I hope Gaius doesn't die (yet). His scenes talking to the centurion were my favourite in the episode :)


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