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Battlestar Galactica: Resistance

Lee: "And this is the honeymoon period. What's a dictator to do?"

Well, we did actually have a spare Sharon. But her death still shocked me. I didn't see it coming.

This week's Most Obvious Symbolism was the slow motion drop of blood falling to the deck: at the beginning of the episode, it was Chief's, and at the end, Sharon's. The most literal interpretation is that Sharon is as human as the Chief, which I already kind of believe, anyway. The blood could also be symbolic of their romantic connection, which has now ended in death.

Shooting people for throwing coffee? Is Ron Moore a baby boomer? The soldiers killed four unarmed civilians, which echoed the student massacre by the National Guard at Kent State. And the prisoner march down the hallway where Sharon was killed echoed the Oswald shooting after the Kennedy assassination. What's going to happen to Cally? Did she really do it because of the Chief? Maybe she's a Cylon trying to keep Sharon from spilling critical info, much like conspiracy theorists believe Ruby did with Oswald.

Gaius really, really wanted his power back, didn't he? Why did Tigh have the Chief and Sharon put in a cell together? The obvious answer was he was hoping they would spill something to each other, but that can't be true or someone would have been listening in during that extremely interesting scene where Gaius literally killed the Chief to get information out of Sharon. And what does that eight Cylons in the fleet thing mean? Do they mean the eight Cylon models we haven't seen yet? Was Sharon just pulling a number out of the air to save the Chief?

And hey, eight Cylons? That's the entire cast of the series. Eureka! I just figured out the series finale: we'll find out that everyone is a Cylon! Okay, I'll stop now.

The Caprica stuff was okay. (Good thing none of them were as good a shot as Cally.) Anders' group had to be real people, because there were too many individuals. What I didn't understand was why they thought Starbuck and Helo were toasters... although on second thought, the twelve model scenario isn't exactly common knowledge. I guess there's also a good chance that Anders and/or some of his people are Cylons. After all, look at the way they planted Sharon on Helo.

More jail shenanigans, as Lee again betrayed the Fleet and freed Laura. He had lots of help, too, that he most certainly wouldn't have gotten if Adama had been in charge. At least Adama is finally awake, although he's still in bad shape. I wonder how he's going to handle the civilian insurrection, with his own son as a major player.

Bits and pieces:

— Tonight's survivor number: 47,861, down only one from last week (Crashdown). What about the survivors on Caprica? Do they count? Probably not.

— Starbuck and Helo were in a jeep. I thought it was a truck. My bad.

— If there were 53 people just in that area, how many humans are still alive on other parts of Caprica, as well as the other Colonial planets?

— Article 21 rights equal Fifth Amendment?

— Chief Tyrol's father was a priest and his mother was an oracle. He began serving on battlestars when he was eighteen and has served on Pegasus, Columbia and Atlantia as well as Galactica.

— Just in case it's not clear, I'm very relieved that Chief Tyrol is still with us. I really thought for a moment that Gaius' information extortion attempt was going to kill him permanently.

— Just when I thought Tigh was a complete screw-up, he did something smart like not fire on Lee. Maybe he knew that would be the one thing Adama would never forgive.

— The tall, handsome Anders has "love interest for Starbuck" written all over him. I'm going to be a girl for a moment and say Helo is much cuter. So is Lee, for that matter.

— Was the Pyramid game from the original BSG series? It looked like strange metal basketball to me.

— Number Six usually isn't played for laughs, but I thought "toaster" being a racist term was pretty funny.

— We got a small glimpse of Tigh and Ellen's sex life. No more, please.

— Laura Roslin talked about something ugly coming, meaning the riot. Laura, where have you been? The world ended. How much uglier could it get?


Ellen: "'Let's all sit down and talk about how we feel about martial law.' Bill would never do that." Of course, I doubt Bill would have declared martial law under these circumstances in the first place, Ellen.

Woman: "Shove it up your ass."
Starbuck: "Please. Try."

Another slam-bang episode. Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. They keep the momentum going. The escape plan was fun. So many pitched in, Dee, Gaeta, the guard, doc Cottle, and of course Zarek who was my 1st candidate after Lee said "YOu won't like it". :)

    Adama finally back, but Starbucks and Helos tenure on Caprica seems like it won't end any time soon. They have 57 people to kill off before they leave. Nice to see another familiar face with Michael Trucco.

  2. In the miniseries Adama gets a leeter saying they are 12 human cylon models we already know who 4 are thus leaving 8 models :)
    and in the season 1 episode with casueway c lol I think article 23 must be fifth amendment as that is what tyrol envokes maybe it was just a number mistake.

  3. Aaaaargh Saul - stop listening to Ellen - she is downright crazy! It's almost like she wants him to fail by giving him terrible advice. Glad to see Adama is back - hopefully he can start clearing up this mess.

    Did Sharon actually die? I'm sure we'll see her personality again if so - she's probably beaming her way into a new body as I type...

  4. >>"— Chief Tyrol's father was a priest and his mother was an oracle. He began serving on battlestars when he was eighteen and has served on Pegasus, Columbia and Atlantia as well as Galactica."
    Neat. But like Boomer, Tyrol is having a hard life. Cally is nutso


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