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Battlestar Galactica: Resurrection Ship, Part 1

Roslin: "I'm afraid this can only end one way. You've got to kill her."

This episode was gasp out loud good. I swear, I'm starting to run out of superlatives for describing this show.

What Admiral Cain did to her civilian fleet was just breathtaking. She's even worse than she first appeared. Adama has an edge in this whole situation because he's an actual human being. His people know him and trust him, and will do anything for him. I bet most of Admiral Cain's people have been lighting candles and praying that she drops dead on the bridge.

Did you notice that Cain and Adama came up with what was exactly the same assassination plan? Assigning her second, Jack what's his face, to assassinate Adama was a big mistake on Cain's part, though. Jack has been actively confiding his troubles to Tigh, after all, and he had to know that Tigh was taking those horrible stories directly to Adama. Wouldn't it be poetic justice if Admiral Cain were assassinated by her second, instead of Starbuck?

The new Number Six is convincingly suicidal, and I can't help feeling for her. But is she telling the truth? Or is she leading Gaius on? She is a soldier, after all, and we're talking about the survival of her species.

Speaking of which, I'm confused about the mechanics of Cylon resurrection, but I think I'm starting to get it. In order for the resurrection to occur, there has to be (1) an "empty" body of the same model, and (2) some sort of machinery. Right? So I'm assuming the resurrection ship holds lots of back-ups for all twelve models. (If there are indeed twelve. That number goes back to what Six told Baltar, after all.) Wouldn't it be a major coup if the humans could capture the ship and get a good look at who everyone is before they destroy it?

Roslin was wonderfully presidential here. Dying has certainly given her a valuable "let's cut through the shit" perspective. So either they're writing her out before she has fulfilled the prophecy, or she needs some sort of health reprieve. Roslin herself mentioned that she wanted a new Cylon body. She was kidding, of course, and I don't believe they're going to move in that direction, but it would certainly fit into the spirit of the resurrection ship plot if Roslin went into remission or something at this point.

Bits and pieces:

— This week's survivor count: 49,604. One less than last time. That would be Nazi interrogator and rapist, Lieutenant Thorne.

— Chief Tyrol and Helo were still on "death row."

— Admiral Cain mentioned that it has been six months since the Cylon attack on the twelve worlds.

— What happened to the rest of the civilians that weren't impressed by the Pegasus? Were they just left in their useless ships to die?

— Dr. Cottle sees Sharon Two as a human being. Adama appears to be moving in that direction, too.

— Number Six was undercover on the Pegasus. How did they figure out what she was?

— It was impossible (for me, anyway) not to compare this plotline with the current situation in the United States, what with the torture of enemy combatants, the dissolution of human rights, and leaders doing anything they think is warranted in a time of war.

— Liked the opening scene, with both squadrons of vipers basically playing chicken for pink slips. And Starbuck taking the Blackbird literally through the Cylon ship. Does she have nerve, or what?

— Were there romantic vibes between Roslin and Adama this time, or am I projecting?

— Michelle Forbes did a fabulous job. This was a tough part to play.


Starbuck: "I am a friendly, okay? We're all friendlies! So let's just be... friendly!"

Cain: "Do you always get what you want?"
Starbuck: "Most of the time, sir."

Starbuck: "Hey. How you doing?"
Lee: "Oh, you mean apart from being demoted, finding myself working for one of my pilots? Great. Never better."

Next week, part three of the Cain mutiny. Can't wait.

Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. They kept the tension and quality up through this middle part of the trilogy, middle parts are always the toughest to write so judging from the quality of this episode the ending must be magnificent. Can't wait.

    What I loved most is how Adama was describing what Starbuck has to do and I kept seeing the season one finale. He's using the Cylons own assasination plan that almost killed him. :)

  2. What an ending! Quite the parralel between the two ships - interesting how they both use similar tactics... No wonder the Pegasus XO drinks, his boss is insane...

    I see a batch of Gaius Baltar Manipulation (TM) coming on to Shelley Godfrey Mk 2... It makes me wonder if he showed everyone on Galactica pictures of her to prove Shelly was a Cylon.

    Interesting turn of events with the Resurrection ship - I wonder if its the only one. It'll be interesting to see if the Cylons do change tactics if it gets destroyed.

    Roslin doesn't look good - I wonder how long she's got left... She's right though - she needs to die.

  3. >>"— What happened to the rest of the civilians that weren't impressed by the Pegasus? Were they just left in their useless ships to die?"
    Probably, yeah. So frakked up. Real warrior tribe.

    @Patryk: "What I loved most is how Adama was describing what Starbuck has to do and I kept seeing the season one finale."
    So obvious yet I never made the connection. Nice. "Now there will be the normal chaos and emotional high after the attack..." "They'll be slapping each other on the back, celebrating their victory." "That'll keep their guard down."

    Loved Roslin's bit about a new body. "Can't picture you as a blonde" "You'd be surprised."
    "What happened to you, -"
    "Was unforgivable"
    "...Happened aboard my ship"
    Roslin: "Now, I am sure Pegasus would prevail in any fight."
    Adama: "I wouldn't count on that."
    lol <3

    I was a little disappointed none of the Vipers had to shoot each other, I've told been told that was originally part of the script but the writers figured they couldn't make the integration work if blood was spilled on top of that interrogator. But I dunno, I think they should've tried. But I did love what they used to cut the tension - Starbuck returning and seeing that funnily horrifying shot of all the vipers suddenly aiming directly at the screen almost in unison. That was great. And Cain being almost soothed with how impressed she was with the shots the Blackbird took.

    Loved Laura "AIRLOCKED" Roslin being quick on the uptake about Cain being impossible to cooperate with.


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