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Battlestar Galactica: The Ties That Bind

Cavil: "We're machines, dear. Remember? We don't have souls."

I had a really hard time last night trying to figure out how I felt about Tory putting Cally out the airlock.

I've always felt a little sorry for Cally. Tyrol never loved her; I think he just felt sorry that he broke her jaw. But I could never understand why she married him after that, no matter what the circumstances. Cally was depressed and desperately unhappy even before she found out she was married to a Cylon, and I can understand that the discovery threw her into a state of shock. But any pity I had for her went overboard when she decided to take baby Nick out the airlock with her. Cally had unbelievably important tactical information about the enemy, and the stakes are unimaginably high. Why didn't she go directly to Adama?

Baby Nick is one of only two Cylon hybrid miracle babies, the hope of the Cylon race, and Tory's survival was at stake, so I could understand what Tory did. Except that Tory seemed so cold and ruthless, totally without pity. Maybe she was just really pissed. Maybe her programming kicked in. Or maybe Tory is darker than we know. In Joe's bar, she told Tyrol that she wasn't hating "this." I think Tory digs being a Cylon. This can't be good.

Zarek was back, and feeding the newly-appointed-to-the-Quorum Lee information that would undermine Roslin's "imperial presidency." Zarek has gotten a lot calmer, a lot more inner-directed. I thought it was cool that he showed compassion and respect for Roslin's basic good intentions while still doing his best to correct her mistakes. He was a good choice for veep, after all. And Lee's a good choice for government; he's not afraid to tackle the big issues and hit back at Roslin. After last week's, Dan thought the writers were setting Lee up to be the next president of the colonies. I think he's right.

I thought for a moment that the Cylon civil war was already over, but they wouldn't do that to us. I bet Cavil was right about it being a mistake to take the restraining bolt off the Centurians. A slave revolt would be just what they need on top of the civil war. How intelligent are the Centurians, the Raiders, the Hybrids? Slavery is wrong. Maybe they should revolt.

After twenty-two days flying in circles on the poop ship Demetrius, half of the supporting cast was getting pretty sick of it. I had no idea what to make of Starbuck and Anders having violent make-up sex on top of the paints she was using to recreate her "Eye of Jupiter" vision. Like nearly everything on this show, it reeked of symbolism. Starbuck is feeling disconnected and alien, more hints that she is the final Cylon. So that makes me think she's not. I'm still thinking it's Roslin.

Bits and pieces:

— This week's survivor number: 39,676, same as last week. Although I could swear Roslin's whiteboard had a different number on it.

— The scene in the Tyrols' quarters right after Cally found out was particularly well done. Tyrol's image was blurred and his voice was distorted, while Cally literally couldn't bring herself to look at him. It was the perfect way to illustrate Cally's emotions.

— What is freaking up with Boomer? First she disses her model, and now she's kissing Cavil? She was really upset when Cavil's ships attacked, though. Is Boomer by any chance undercover for the Sixes and Sharons?

— Cavil told the Sixes and the Sharons that the D'Annas would be back soon. But I assume he was lying, what with the sneak attack and all.

— Starbuck jumped Anders. Would that be considered sexual harassment, since she's in command? :)

— Cally threw up on the floor at Joe's in the opening scenes. I don't think she could have been pregnant, though, or Doc Cottle probably wouldn't have been giving her all those pills. Plus I think Tyrol mentioned possibly having another baby to Cally right before she hauled off and hit him with a wrench.

— Last week's major Adama/Roslin scene was outstanding. I liked this week's a lot, too, with him reading Love and Bullets to her while she was fighting the nausea of chemo. Love and death. Illustrating their relationship?

— Why is Roslin keeping the Demetrius mission classified? The people really do have the right to know. I liked the subtle jab at today's political situation. And Lee appeared to be wearing a Caprica flag lapel pin. Considering all the news crap lately about lapel pins, I thought that was funny.

— When Kara was trying to remember the way to Earth, we got a shot of a comet zipping past the planet Jupiter, with a couple of bright heavenly bodies in the distance.

— There was also this weird thing where Tyrol was cutting his finger and watching the blood drip on the floor. Was that a flashback? I don't remember it.

— Cally looked prettier than usual, at least until she went out the airlock. Maybe they put a little extra effort into making her look good because it was her last episode.

— Dean Stockwell did a nude scene. I gasped. Like there weren't enough shockers in this episode.

— Six: "Is there anything that isn't fodder for a joke with you? Or is that really how you see our very existence? As some sort of nihilistic punch line?"

Four out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.

1 comment:

  1. Well I don't know about Cally and Tory either - Tory certainly seemed too calm about the killing of Cally for it to be just a self defence thing.

    The thing that really amazes me is how far they are taking the Cylon civil war. I didn't think Cavill would go genocidal on the sixes and their cohorts...

    I wonder how they will get out of that one?


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