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Battlestar Galactica: Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Roslin: "If you're a Cylon, I'd like to know."
Adama: "If I'm a Cylon, you're really screwed."

The good news is that they have a Cylon detector. The bad news is that it takes way too long to be effective. I personally don't get it. Why isn't Adama assigning a hundred people and most of the computers on the ship to this? On the other hand, that would increase the chances that a Cylon could tamper with the results... but I guess it's a pointless debate, anyway, since Gaius has decided to keep the results to himself.

(Of course, the fact that we have no idea who the secret Cylons are makes for excellent drama. So I forgive them.)

This week's Most Obvious Symbolism was the "drunken" Cylon raider, which of course symbolized the alcoholic trouble-maker Ellen Tigh and her effect on pretty much everyone around her. She's so toxic that she's almost more destructive as a human being than she would be as a Cylon agent. I wonder if she is one, after all? I bet she's not. She's such an obvious candidate that it almost negates the possibility, if you know what I mean.

Edward James Olmos directed this one, and I think he did just fine. I wonder why they gave him such a sexy episode, though? We have Tigh and Ellen all over each other, Starbuck walking in on Gaius having sex with the air, Ellen grabbing Lee's butt, and even Billy and Dee making out (and exchanging info on their bosses) on the Observation Deck.

Meanwhile back on Caprica, Sharon and Helo were not holed up in a convenient cabin, as ordered; she decided to run, and now they're in serious shit. Plus, Helo has noticed that Sharon is the Eveready Bunny: she keeps going, and going... when is he going to put the pieces together? Number Six and Doral both seem to be jonesing for a chance to experience emotion, to feel what Sharon is feeling. Six actually looked like she was about to cry. Could this be their weak spot? It certainly makes them more sympathetic.

Bits and pieces:

— This week's survivor count: 47,905, according to Gaius.

— The revolving Cylon tests (No, stop and do Adama. No, stop and do Ellen) were like a bad comedy routine.

— Again, just as we were thinking Tigh was a waste of space, he went and saved the ship again.

— Ambrosia looks a little like Cool Mint Listerine.

— Tigh finally threw away his bottle and the photo of his wife, and they both immediately returned to him.

— Again, a clever title.

— Ellen said that Lee looked like his mother. I wonder if they'll take that into consideration if we ever see her in an episode?


Gaius: (looking at thousands of blood samples) "Is suicide really a sin?"

Adama: "Madame President, we are the proud owners of the universe's first bona fide Cylon detector."

Gaius: "What can I do for you?"
Starbuck: "You can zip up your fly."

Gaius: "Dr. Gaius Baltar, Department of Cylon Detection. How may I direct your call?"

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Funny this one, but not one of the best episodes. Id rank it together with Bastille Day at the bottom so far.

    So Baltar will keep Boomers secret and lie about other Cylons for the time being. Well they have only 8 to go for us and 9 as far as the characters are concerned to reveal so i understand them taking their time especially that i have the comfort of knowing there are still 3 seaosons to go.

  2. Yet another unsympathetic character -- this show has its fair share. I actually think Ellen is a Cylon. There is just too many unanswered questions about where she's been, and it would give the Cylons access to high level security information. We shall see...

    I continue to be astounded by the people on this ship. Gaius is so obviously mad. Why, oh why do they trust him with something so important as Cylon detection? I mean, Starbuck walks in on him basically having sex with a table and she tells no one? Really? (I am trying desperately to refrain from another soft porn comment about when Six was hunched over the table with her dress around her waist -- unsuccessfully, obviously).

    I'm also a bit confused about the Six on Caprica. My understanding is that each copy is basically the same as the others. Yet, the Six on Caprica seems cold (punching Boomer Two) and heartless (Helo is pathetic). The Six on Galactica is all sex and passion. Are we meant to be seeing this as Gaius having an effect on the Galactica copy?

    As much as this show confuses and annoys me, it is compulsive viewing. I can't seem to turn it off -- a testament to the story being told. I am dying to see the collision of the two Boomers and I have to know if Leoben's predictions are accurate.

    The other relationship I really enjoy is Abama and Laura. I am so pleased that they have not become best friends in three episodes, but that the relationship is growing slowly and organically. They are obviously beginning to have a grudging respect for each other, but trust is still a way off. It's fun to watch.

  3. Each copy is physically the same as the others, but there are personality differences. Boomer and Sharon are fairly similar at this point, because Boomer Two (Sharon) is supposed to be Boomer as far as Helo is concerned. She's emulating the Boomer he knew, but she's not the same, because she's not a sleeper agent. She knows who and what she is, and she's always known.

    There's a bit more to how it works, but you'll learn about that in time.

    P.S. I really hate Ellen, too.

  4. Thanks, Jess. This helped a lot. For some reason, I thought because the thoughts, memories and emotions all "downloaded." they were meant to be more like carbon copies than they are.

    But I am beginning to see some real significant differences as the series goes on. Yet another reason to keep watching...

  5. ChrisB I agree with you when it comes to wondering how people trust Gaius on the ship, he's been seen shagging a table, staring at his hand like a loon while holding a conversation and talking to himself on any number of occasions...
    I suppose the attempt at framing him last episode would mean people might be sympathetic to him, and the geniuses are crazy stereotype, but still it's a bit hard to swallow.

    Also, I can't stand Ellen Tigh, cannot stand her. Yuk yuk yuk. (And her husband isn't much better) That is all. :)

  6. >>"Ellen grabbing Lee's butt"
    Oh that's what she grabbed? Aw, I had my first big laugh from the episode because I thought they got away with showing a graphic crotch-grab with the BSG style of filming to make it look like an important shot lol.

    >>"The revolving Cylon tests (No, stop and do Adama. No, stop and do Ellen) were like a bad comedy routine."
    Well I still found this episode funnier and more interesting than Six Degrees of Separation, which is officially my first contender for skippable episode(s). I was shocked, I had a vague recollection of Black Market and The Woman King being considered one of the lesser episodes. I didn't think I'd find one in the tighter only 13-ep first season!

    Ellen is fine and fun with how openly despicable she is (I was genuinely amused by Adama's reactions to her accusing him of making a move on her). I'm gonna FREAK if the people saying she's intolerable are the same people who find Gaius FRAKKIN' Baltar charming! I can't stand him.

    This might be the only episode that's far more intriguing on a rewatch than the first time. Like why on Earth does Baltar smirk about keeping the first reveal a secret? Lol, what the hell was that?


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