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Battlestar Galactica: Water

Adama: "There is at least one Cylon aboard the Galactica."

And it's all about Sharon, our resident undercover Cylon.

What's up with her? It's like she "woke up" from being possessed, or something. Is she being remote-controlled, or is she programmed? The implication here, when Sharon was able to see the positive water signal on her comm, was that she can indeed overcome her programming. Which implies that she can change sides, doesn't it?

This one was (of course) also about the shit constantly hitting the fan: they had "enough water for years," and in a moment, it was gone and they were rationing water. The way Adama handled the water riots and the Cylon issue was something of a political statement, too. I particularly liked what he said about keeping the police and the military separate, and why.

I also really enjoyed the card game, although I was surprised at the way Gaius and Starbuck flirted so rambunctiously with each other. This show is full of surprises. Wanna bet there's a game of strip poker in their future?

Bits and pieces:

— Just like "33" starting with a ticking clock, "Water" started with a drop of water. I don't think they'll always be this literal, though.

— Only eight people know for sure about the humanoid Cylons. If the rumor mill knows, though, I think they're lying to themselves about containment.

— If Sharon is occasionally under some sort of remote control, could this be behind Gaius' "visitations" by Number Six? Wouldn't it be ironic if Gaius was a Cylon?

— The number of civilians was given as 45,265. Subtracting from last week's survivor count of 47,973, that makes 2,708 military.

— Lee bonded with Roslin re: the bombing of the Olympic Carrier, and was immediately rewarded with a post as presidential military adviser. Daddy isn't going to like that.

— It was still raining on Caprica. Was that related to the nuking? Dan thinks that all that nuclear activity would make Caprica uninhabitable, not just rainy. I think he's right.

— I enjoyed Adama and Roslin each thinking the other would prefer protocol, with both of them being wrong.

— There was a riff on clothing here, with Gaius betting his jacket in the card game, and Roslin remarking that she was stuck with three outfits for the rest of her life. Deprivation isn't always about food, water, and shelter.

— Chief Tyrol doesn't lie well. Fortunately, no one seemed to notice. He was strongly protective of his honey here, but that might get pretty inconvenient if things like this keep happening.

— Lee told his pilots, "Good hunting." He listened to Kara's advice on improving his management style.

— Six wore a red towel instead of a red dress.

— I like Adama's office. It's full of books and paintings. He's my kind of guy. "Never lend books."

— Adama: "Yeah, but I'm not going to be your policeman."

Three out of four stars,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. So Boomer has blackouts and the cylon programming takes over. It surely is some glitch. She either should be a 100% Cylon agent or an unaware sleeper for it to make sense from the Cylons point of view. So my bet is she's a faulty copy.

  2. I had never thought about her being a faulty copy - it's an interesting thought.

    This one was a bit too coincidental for my liking - Boomer just so happened to be the one to find the water, the last one back etc etc. Still liked it though. Also - is her new co-pilot the guy from Being Human (US)?


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