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Smallville: Bound

Lionel: "I want to be your father, Lex. If you'll let me."
Lex: "You've got your health, Dad. Don't expect another miracle."

Lex's promiscuous habits and buying off pretty girls with diamond earrings came back on him in a great big way. This was an interesting, darker side to Lex that we hadn't seen before now. I keep forgetting that Lex is destined for serious darkness simply because I like him so damned much.

It really does appear that exposure to Clark's essence has irrevocably changed Lionel for the better. Lionel not only believes he belongs in jail, he also wants to save Lex from the darkness that Lionel himself just escaped. I like this. I really do. Reformed bad guys are the best.

It's always fun to see Clark and Chloe investigating together. And I think my favorite scene was Clark and Chloe re-enacting Lex's Zalman King sex scene in the elevator. Chloe was loving it. Clark was awkward at first, but I could swear he was about to kiss her for real.

Lana and her tiresome tattoo are still unresolved plot lines, unfortunately, and somehow it involves Jason's mumsy. Genevieve Teague exuded menace while making guest shots in Lana's seventeenth century dreams. Jane Seymour is usually terrific, but really. Couldn't they just resolve this plot line and move on?

Bits and pieces:

— Exceptionally hot and sexy opening scene, with Lex and the mystery woman in red.

— Lex lied about his sex life. Wow, that's something people never do. That was my sarcastic voice.

— I have a confession to make. Even though it wasn't my kind of show, I watched every single episode of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, and I adored Jane Seymour in a big way.


Clark: "I thought Lex's attorneys would have this under lock and key."
Chloe: "Yeah, well, she may know people at the top, but I know people at the bottom. And they work for tips."

Chloe: "Come on, big boy, it's for the cause of truth and justice. Now push me up against the wall."

Lex: "You know, there was a moment the other night when that fire she set was coming towards me, I thought, 'Good. Save the world a lot of grief.'"

Three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. The woman in red, Shannon Bell, was played by the exceptionally gorgeous Canadian actress Cobie Smulders, who stars, alongside Jason Segal, Neil Patrick Harris, Allison Hannigan and... that other guy, as Robin, on How I Met Your Mother.

  2. It's sad how the more Clark starts doubting Lex, the more evil he becomes. It's as if Clark's trust and friendship was literally the only thing keeping Lex good. I don't want evil Lex just yet. I'm not ready.

  3. I found Clark's reaction to learning about Lex's sex life very interesting. He was so appalled that Lex could treat a woman that way, yet he behaved much the same way when he was in Metropolis. Granted, he didn't sleep with the women, but neither did they get diamond earrings.

    It also seemed a bit like learning your hero has clay feet, something Clark should have picked up on long before now. Did Clark think that Lex wasn't having sex?

    I'm still not convinced about Lionel as reformed. As Chloe says, he is the master manipulator.

  4. This episode irritated me. A notorious wealthy playboy sometimes has one night stands and we're supposed to be shocked? A woman cheats on and then dumps her fiance for a man she's just met and he's the bad guy? Sure, it's caddish not to remember the woman, but I just couldn't get the outrage.

    I also thought Lana might have commented to Jason that his mother was seriously creepy.

  5. ^Lol. Yeah you reminded me to praise Lana's actor during that scene where she runs into Jason's mother. She really conveyed that maintaining-composure-but-a-second-away-from-freaking-out that's hard but also weirdly satisfying to watch. Anyway I completely memory-holed her so it was a shock to see her and be hit by deja vu for the first real time in this rewatch.
    The Lex stuff was only kind of funny to me. I was reminded me of that The Simpsons joke where Homer pretends to be Burns to get a letter at the post office and when he's asked what his first name is, he says "I... don't know." Because I mean come on, there had to be a deeper element to this than women traumatized by not being singled out by billionaires. I'm shocked that's all there really was to it. What a gyp. Clark speEeEening his jacket to draw the fire upwards was a cool effect though, and I just wish Lex saved his poignant ambivalence at being saved for a more sympathetic victim. Maybe if she was going to immolate herself alongside him, I think that would've removed my disgusted amusement at the whole thing. Though I guess they already did that with the season 1 episode... she did kill herself after she shot her fiance, right?


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