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Smallville: Scare

Chloe: "So. Popular question of the day. What is Clark Kent's worst nightmare?"

Extreme nightmare scenario. Caused by K experiments at LuthorCorp, of course.

For Jason, it was losing Lana to Clark. For Chloe, it was succumbing to hereditary insanity. For Lana, it was seeing everyone she loved dead. (I can identify with that one.) For Clark, it was Smallville hit by another meteor shower, and Lana discovering that he was an alien as well as the cause of her parents' deaths. Lex's went back to that scary prophetic dream in season one of being president, the missiles in the air, and standing on a field of bones, smiling.

This episode was mostly one living nightmare after another, very interesting, but with no real plot cohesion. But then it meandered over to the relationship between Chloe and Clark, and things started to pick up.

Chloe has discovered that her mother is a mental patient and is understandably terrified that it will happen to her. Aware of her own mortality as never before, Chloe found out what it was like to have a serious secret to keep. We could feel Clark wanting to tell her the truth, in the worst way. Why can't Clark tell Chloe? She's his best friend, she's so smart and capable, and she could be such a big help to him. She is obviously able to keep his secret, and I bet she wouldn't bitch about the responsibility, like Pete did. Could the writers be working up to Clark telling Chloe? That would certainly be okay by me.

The ultimate of ironies. Lionel continued to assert that he was innocent of murdering his parents, but admitted he still deserved to be in prison. Was he sincere? Hard to tell. And now he's out. Who got him out? It certainly wasn't Lex.

Bits and pieces:

— Clark was ready to tell Lex his secret and become a lab rat to save his friends.

— Jason has gotten tired of being unemployed in Smallville and is ready to hit the road.

— Chloe and Lana got to wear some pretty extreme rotting death make-up.

— Warden Stone: "You want to stay in prison?" Lionel: "Yes, I do. I've found my mission in life."

Three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. The Warden was played by Smantha Ferris, who played Ellen Harvelle on Supernatural.

  2. I've said it before -- Clark needs to tell Chloe. It makes perfect sense and there is a missing element this year in that none of his friends know.

    Now that Lionel is out, things are going to get interesting. Will the true colours come out soon?


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