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Smallville: Bride

Chloe: "Our love has weathered federal arrests and heart attack-inducing kisses and a freakazoid bout of amnesia. I think that we'll survive this."

Bride of Frankenstein. Beauty and the Beast. Let's go for the classics.

I thought this episode was unexpectedly effective. The use of the queasy cam a la Cloverfield allowed them to zip past the pointless bits of the wedding that weren't important to the story, and also allowed them to almost but not totally show Davis completely hulked out as Doomsday, carrying Chloe off in his arms. That final shot of Chloe opening her eyes and smiling at Doomsday was creepy; her eyes were shiny and dark. What's up with that? Is Brainiac still in her head, after all?

Even with all the wedding preparations for weeks on end, I just never believed Chloe would actually go through with it, so that was a surprise. I was also saddened by the revelation that Chloe was totally happy now that she no longer carried the burden of knowing Clark's secret. Clark giving Chloe away in the barn felt like goodbye. (Well, that and being taken by Doomsday, too.) It feels like they're writing her out. Are they finally going to kill off my Chloe?

When I saw Kristin Kreuk's name in the credits, I thought Lana would show up at the wedding and make googly eyes at Clark, not turn up like a guest superhero as Oliver was going after Lex. (Is she, though? That text she got, "Did the archer believe you?", implied that she was working with Lex. We shall see.) But of course, we did get another of an extremely long line of angsty Clark and Lana heart-to-hearts in the freaking barn. Probably my least favorite thing about the entire series. She's left the series and it still never ends.

And yet more Lois and Clark teasing. I absolutely knew that when he started to kiss her on the dance floor that someone would interrupt them. For half the episode, Lois was so in character again, acting like the general in charge of Chloe's wedding, barking orders and assigning code names. But for the rest... it's odd to see her acting like such a girly girl over Clark. Although I did like the double entendre cufflink instructions.

Final superteaser shot of Lex wired up to machines. I don't think that was actually Michael Rosenbaum, though. He wasn't listed and we didn't see his face. Oh, well. At least he's coming back. Probably for sweeps. Possibly for the series finale. We shall see.

Bits and pieces:

— Davis was disposing of body parts in big plastic bags. Shades of Dexter.

— The injured wedding guests ended up in Metropolis General. But the wedding was in Smallville; shouldn't they have been in Smallville Medical Center? They probably didn't want to redress and redo that entire set again, but it was jarring.

— I'm sure that's why the wedding was in Clark's barn, too; it was probably the only standing set large enough, but it just felt a bit weird.

— One more thing. I just have to note that Lana came back for five minutes and was immediately in the hospital again. She should stay far, far away, just for the sake of her health.

— Jimmy is near death. I'm guessing he won't die. Maybe he shouldn't have seen the bride before the ceremony. You think?

— Didn't care much for Chloe's wedding gown. Loved Lois' flaming orange dress, though.

— The poor camera guy was practically a Jimmy Olsen clone. Ring that bell.

— Oliver tried to kill Lex. Not very superherolike. Bad Oliver, no biscuit.

— Chloe: "Lois, don't worry. When you meet your super stud, you'll know." Yeah, string us along. It's never going to happen.

— Hiatus time. The next new episode is January 15.

I think this was a four star episode,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

1 comment:

  1. If it weren't for the Lana/Clark nonsense in the barn, this would be one of my favourite episodes of all time. Please, please, please let's send that girl away once and for all.

    Two of my favourite scenes of all time are in this hour. The first is when Clark gives Chloe the flower from their freshman year. It is such a sweet and gentle moment. I like to think it's what finally opened Lois' eyes to what is right in front of her.

    Speaking of whom, my second favourite is the talk that Lois and Oliver share. His "because I know Clark" and the look on her face just makes me beam. Too bad not all break-ups can end up this well.


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