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Smallville: Calling

Clark: "What'd he say?"
Lex: "That the writing on the cave wall says you're going to rule the world."

Big romance episode, and they're clearly revving up for the season finale.

As Lex experienced pre-wedding jitters, Clark finally got a great big kiss from Lana for his un-birthday. Then she immediately backtracked and started jerking him around because he was still keeping secrets from her. In fact, Lana and Helen were both trying to deal with the knowledge that their honeys were keeping important things from them. At least Helen finally learned that Lex had secrets and was totally capable of lying to her. Is the wedding off?

Chloe, ticked off and jealous of the new Clark/Lana relationship, was way too open to Lionel. He actually offered her her dream: her own column at the Daily Planet... in exchange for Chloe investigating Clark. What does Lionel know? Maybe Lionel didn't see Clark acting all super, after all. Or maybe he did. Did Lionel have the Torch broken into in the first place?

Terence Stamp was listed in the end credits as "The voice of Jor-El." He is, of course, the actor who played General Zod in Superman II. Which is oddly appropriate, since this incarnation of Jor-El is clearly a bit more on the evil side than Marlon Brando's.

Bits and pieces:

— Lex actually broke into Helen's office and stole Clark's blood sample. Does Lex know what he has?

— Dr. Walden came to a horrible, flamey end. And Lionel now has Dr. Walden's hand. Not your typical keepsake, but the famous octagonal key is imprinted right there.

— Helen had her rehearsal dinner seating chart color-coded with the Superman colors, red, blue, and yellow.

— Lex asked the Kents to stand in for his parents at the rehearsal dinner. And Jonathan actually said yes. Lex's desire to be part of the Kent family may be his most endearing quality.

— Dr. Walden broke a window with rays from his hand: one point. Then he threw Clark through the barn wall: one point.


Chloe: "We'd better get going. I have ashes to sweep and wicked stepsisters to undermine."

Clark: "It's all Kawatche to me."

Chloe: "You can take the job offer and shove it down your thousand dollar pants."

Three stars?

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

1 comment:

  1. Agree that this was a romance episode, but not in a good way.

    The parallels are there. Lex and Clark both love their women, but both are hiding massive secrets. Interesting, Lex has confided a certain amount to Helen and Clark has admitted that he has secrets, yet neither is being fully honest.

    Lana and Helen are both reacting accordingly. Hard to give of yourself completely when you know the man you are with is hiding something. I thought the conversation between the two women was a nice touch.

    With so much against them, I do not see either of these relationships ending the season on a happy note.


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