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Smallville: Exodus

Clark: "You should have seen the way my dad looked at me. It was like I was an alien."

Clark and Lana were finally dating. Jonathan and Lex were actually getting along. Jonathan even gave Lex a wedding present. It couldn't possibly last.

The ship containing Jor-El's memories was going to force Clark to rule the world and leave his loved ones. (Gee, the ship was so nice when it was curing people and all. Now it's burning holes in Clark's chest.) Lionel (conveniently) had a new octagonal key made out of K. Clark came to an obvious conclusion: the K key could destroy the bad, bad ship. How could he know it would blow up the storm cellar and cause yet another truck accident?

Martha lost the baby, and it was Clark's fault. Jonathan and Martha were, understandably, completely devastated. And Jonathan was right: Clark should have discussed it with them before blowing up the storm cellar. This had to be the first time in Clark's life when he was faced with outright anger and rejection from his devoted parents. Even a teenager as well-adjusted as Clark would have a strong reaction. Top that with the ship burning a big red "S" in Clark's chest, and what do you get? Clark put on a leather jacket and a red K ring, and left home on his motorcycle. Cliffhanger number one.

I was surprised that Lex and Helen actually did get married, considering how pissed off she was. Why did Lex wake up alone on a plane about to crash? Did Helen drug him with that champagne? Did Lionel pay Helen off after all? Is Lionel trying to kill Lex? Cliffhanger number two.

Chloe, rejected and angry, is primed for revenge. Frankly, I don't like seeing Chloe so petulant; it's out of character. I guess from her standpoint, she took Lana in, and Lana now has the guy Chloe loves. So of course, Chloe went to Lionel. They make a very interesting couple, and I don't mean that in a romantic sense. What will happen? Cliffhanger number three.

Bits and pieces:

— Clark and Lana told each other "I love you." And it was over almost immediately. I'm so not surprised.

— Clark did a tremendous amount of lying to everyone, including to his parents.

— Lex said he was fighting his destiny: trying to avoid becoming his father. There was an obvious parallel there to Clark and Jor-El.

— Pete provided cover for Clark again, and even stood up to Lionel. Go, Pete.

— Clark's tendency to be late for things and even not show up at all was taken to an extreme here: he was best man at Lex's wedding, and never showed up.

— Jonathan said that giving the groom a compass was a Kent family wedding present tradition.

— Jor-El got his way with one thing: Clark did leave Smallville.

— When Chloe met with Lionel and said yes to his proposal, she was wearing black. I don't remember ever seeing Chloe wearing black before.


Lex: "I don't want to be the person who did this any more."
Poor Lex. Prisoner of fate.

Chloe: "It's like fate, Clark. Inevitable, but always surprising when it actually happens."

Very good. At least three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. So I'm watching the Chloe Chronicles extra atm, and... is it just me, or... is that Christopher Heyerdahl playing Dr. Walsh? There was no credits sequence, so I'm not sure, but.... it loks like him.

  2. Good ending to the season, but the whole Chloe storyline leaves me a bit cold. Clark, to his credit, has never led Chloe on. From the beginning, he has told her that he is in love with Lana and that he just wants to be friends with our intrepid reporter.

    Chloe is acting like someone who has been dumped for someone else. I don't think this is fair and I think her reaction borders on the stalker like. I will be interested to see where her partnership with Lionel takes her.

    I also think Jonathan overreacted to the storm cellar. Yes, Clark should have discussed it with his parents, but he didn't. For Jonathan to slam the door, literally, in Clark's face is taking his anger a bit too far -- especially with his son. Anyone who knows Clark will know that he is hating himself more now than anyone else possibly could.

    I was surprised when Helen agreed to marry Lex after being so angry with him. I didn't believe her motives at the time and I am sure she is somehow behind the plane problems. However, I'm not sure it was Lionel who got to her. I think she may be angry enough to do something like this on her own. After all, she is now the widow of a very wealthy man.

  3. Lex betrayed by another evil wife, maybe he should just stop marrying beautiful but evil women, and stop endangering his own life.

    As much as I dislike Lana, I can see how Clark's treatment of her is unfair and frustrating. Clark really should trust her and tell her his secret, Pete already knows, there is no reason Lana shouldn't. Clark has this fundamental distrust of people that's very self-isolating.

  4. While Clark should have discussed what he was going to do with his parents, they would have likely been uninjured had they stayed at the wedding. Unfortunately it was Chloe delaying him that gave his parents enough time to head back to the farm to have the truck crash.
    Red Pearl. I do agree that Clark has a fundamental distrust of telling people his secret, but Lana also did tell Clark she would be freaked out if she found out someone was actually an alien.
    I think it would have solved some problems by Clark just saying certain things were his secret instead of actually lying. Both ways the person knows Clark is hiding something but its not as insulting as being lied to.

  5. Well, Season 2 of Smallville was a huge step up from the first season, in large part because of the fascinating mascinations of Lex and Lionel. An interesting finish. I wasn't that surprised by the plane crash because Helen gave Lex a very significant look when he sipped the champagne (and didn't drink herself) which I thought telegraphed that he was being drugged. It was just a question of what the endgame is. Though it seems weird that Lionel would try to kill Lex. And Clark heading off on a motorcycle was a striking finish.

    The one thing that bothers me about Clark feeling he has to keep it such a secret is that he doesn't need to tell people he's an alien. This is Smallville. Lots of people have extraordinary powers, why not just pass himself off as another meteor freak to the people closest to him?


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