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Smallville: Combat

Titan: "Good fight."

Kryptonian Smackdown.

So it wasn't that great an episode. When it started, all I wanted was to see Clark in the ring, and that's just what they gave us. I'm a geek. I loved the superfight.

Lois was in Supe's big red boots again, and even got to do some suggestive lesbian dialogue with Athena, who is a sucker for a girl in boots. When is Clark going to be a sucker for our girl in boots? That question is actually getting tiresome. But we're moving in the right direction; Clark has finally started actively crimefighting, with Oliver's help. Can a move in Lois' direction be far behind? How long are they going to make us wait?

In this week's unexpected (pun intended) and intriguing B story, Lana lost her baby... and it looked very much like Lex was the one who caused it with an innocent-looking glass of sparkling cider. Lex was crying at the end as he was burning the papers and the sonogram. Why did he do it? Did he have second thoughts about subjecting Lana to whatever experiment he was running?

Bits and pieces:

— Titan couldn't possibly be our last Phantom Zoner, because it's not the end of the season yet.

— Lois practically broke her hand trying to punch Clark for cover.

— Green Arrow, glimpsed at but not really seen, is still giving Lex a really hard time.

— Lots of my Smallville hits in this one because there was lots of people throwing, plus we got a hard bounce off a car. I may have lost count, but Titan threw Richter and Lois across the "arena," plus he threw Clark at least three times. And of course, Clark threw Titan a long way. At least seven?


Chloe: "I'm starting to think that super-sleuthing may be my latent Krypto power." A little reminder that we still don't know what meteor freak talent she has.

Lois: "I do a killer stars and stripes routine."
Athena: "I've always been a sucker for a girl in boots."
A little reference to that undercover stripper episode. Lois's outfit was almost superhero-like, and it wasn't just the boots.

Richter Maddox: "What do you think of the name 'Man of Steel'?"
Well, Richter did say he was psychic.

Two and a half stars?

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Athena and Titan were played by former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro and current WWE Badass, Kane

  2. This episode is the beginning of the end of any warm and fuzzy feelings I had about Lex. We just know that he did something to that pregnancy, but why do it and then grieve over it? Did he really not expect Lana to be that upset and depressed? The scene where he finds her in the nursery reminded me of the scene where young Lex is with his mother in Julian's nursery. Was this the reason for the tears in his eyes?

    The turn into super villain seems nearly complete.


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