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Smallville: Progeny

Lex: "Clearly, Chloe got her brazenness from her mother's side."

At first, I thought we'd discovered Chloe's meteor freak power: investigative reporting in her sleep. But no.

Let me backtrack a moment. The best moment in the episode was when Clark nearly let Lex die. Clark wouldn't be human if he weren't tempted. Well, okay, I know Clark isn't human, but you know what I mean. Lex's evil switch is definitely turned full on.

And the rest of the episode wasn't exactly bad, but it clicked a bit too far over into the maudlin range. So now we know that Maura Sullivan really does love her daughter, and that Maura had the power to control Chloe, as well as other meteor freaks. But we still don't know what Chloe's power is. The end of the season is approaching; it's probably going to be a key element in this year's mondo cliffhanger. (If Smallville is renewed, that is.)

The title "Progeny" refers, of course, not only to Chloe, but to Lana's nonexistent baby. I was actually a bit shocked to discover that Lana was never pregnant, although it does explain why she never showed. I'm betting now that Lana will be putting on her Nancy Drew hat, and won't rest until she discovers what Lex did to her. Whether she'll survive her investigation or not is the question. The Lex/Lana thing has been fascinating and has given Lana as a character more interest (for me, at least) than anything else they've done with her, but I think it has run its course. Frankly, it's more than time that they wrote Lana out.

Bits and pieces:

— In the flashback to Chloe and her comatose mother in a previous episode, Maura had blonde hair. Patients in mental hospitals rarely keep up with hair appointments.

— I guess it's not important, though, because I thought Lynda Carter was good casting. If they can't bring Wonder Woman into the Justice League, at least they've brought her in as a guest star.

— There was a fairly glaring blooper. Lex had a serious ding on his left eyebrow after the accident in the teaser; it disappeared for the rest of the episode. Maybe we've finally discovered that Lex has a secret power of healing. That would explain why his need for transfusions just up and went away without explanation so many seasons ago.

— In this week's "hits," we had Lex going off the road for the umpteenth time, followed by broken auto glass; the meteor freak threw Lana across the main room of the mansion, and Clark returned the favor; the freak with the stocking cap threw two orderlies across a room. Six points.

— No Lois in this episode, but Erica Durance did a public service announcement for ChristopherReeve.org, which needs money to continue their fight against paralysis.

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

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