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Smallville: Cool

Chloe: "What are you, from an ice planet? It's freezing."

So on the one hand, we had Sean the heat-sucking meteor freak as Mr. Freeze in training. On the other, we had Lex playing the super-altruist, fixing Clark up with Lana while simultaneously attempting to throw money at the financially strapped Kents. When Lex takes on a friend, he doesn't fool around, does he? Can I come up with a comparison here, I wonder. Sean too cold, Lex too warm?

Clark, for the first time, abandoned Lana in a social situation in order to rush off and rescue someone (Chloe, who got her first turn at being victim). Lana blows off Superman and dates Whitney because Whitney makes her feel safe. Consider the irony.

Bits and pieces:

— This episode introduced Chloe's crush on Clark. It had been implied before, but this was where it became painfully obvious.

— The coolest scene, pun intended, was Chloe with her foot stuck in the rapidly freezing swimming pool. Nice effect there.

Two stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.



    - Waaaaait.... Sean's friends, who were just seconds ago were playing football with him and threw a ball so far that he had to run out onto the flimsy ice to get, thought that he was MISSING because he was in the back of a car bangin' some chick? Wow. Sean's friends are dicks.

    - Hah. That shot of Sean's hand breaking through the ice was corny as hell, but still (apologies in advance) pretty cool.

    - I think it's hilarious that all the football jocks have nametags on their jackets, as if their so stupid that they might FORGET their names at whatever point.

    - Just realized, from watching the credits, that Sam Jones is credit is before Alli Mack's this season. Somehow... that just seems wrong, to me. Pete's always kinda been a bit of a throwaway character to me. Whereas Chloe.... Chloe's freaking awesome.

    - Hah! Loved Chloe telling Pete and Clark off, especially her, "And you! Stop acting like a Vegas bookie picks your dates," line to Pete. :D Okay, I guess Pete's got a use after all, heh....

    - Also, Clark superspeeding back for his pop tart. :D

    - Man.... can you imagine how the show would have gone if Martha had actually sliced Lex in half with that chainsaw? The mind. It boggles, on the possibilities.

    - Hah. Loved Lex's little smile and walk away after he was pretty much proven right aboot Whitney. :D

    - Radiohead, Lex? Really? Not sure Lana would be a fan of them. Now teen pop or country? Sure.

    - Huh. Guess I was wrong. Annnnd with that... I think I'm gonna hit the hay, so these comments are, for now.... TO BEEEEEEEEEE CONTINUUUUUUUUUUUED!!!

  2. Annnnnd I have returned! So let's continue on, shall we?

    - Sean get's semi-rejected by Chloe then goes after another girl? Dude. That's COLD, man. Teehee.

    - Really? So she wasn't already creeped out when he was just standing there outside her shower curtain, and breathing heavily?

    - You know.... I can't help but feel kinda sorry for Sean, I mean.... he's just doing what he has to do to survive, and get warm, after all.

    - Sorry, Johnathan, but the only man in the world with articulate grunts is John Casey.

    - Sorry, Sean. Bella's already in the middle of a love triangle of her own. "sighs" Fucking Twilight....

    - Damn it, Clark. How dare you cheapen the art of magic! :(

    - Oh, come on, Chloe. That big arrow above the locker? That's called a hint. One that says you should run away, verrrry, verrry quickly.

    - "I don't have a choice, Chloe." Well... that may be true. But you could also just do the honorable thing and, I dunno.... freeze to death. (Yes, I'm aware I've contradicted myself already. No need to point it out. :P)

    - That water to ice effect was really cool, though. Almost freezingly cool. :D I know. Make the puns stop. I CAN'T HELP IT!!!

    - That little grunt Sean made when he couldn't open the lock was funny, as if he was thinking, "Grrrr. LOCK BAD!!!"

    - Wait, wait.... if Sean needs body heat, WHY is he going after the electricity? That can't warm him up. It's shockingly bad writing, there. Tee hee.

    - Horrible, HORRIBLE driving, Whitney. If you had stopped sooner, there wouldn't have been much of a problem. Dumbass.

    - Okay, see, NOW I don't feel sorry for Sean. He's just doing this for the sake of doing it now, not because he can't help it. And he's even attempting to be quippy aboot it! "Thanks for the warm-up, Clark!" SHUT UP, DOUCHE!!!


    - Technically, it's the second time. He rushed off to save Chloe from that fire in Hothead, too. He wasn't with Lana at the time, but he was still in a social situation (football party).

    - I didn't find Chloe's crush to be THAT obvious, but it's probably just me.

  3. I hate to say it, Billy, but a part of me is kinda getting bored with the whole making comments thing.... think I might take a break, and just watch and enjoy. That alright with you?

  4. Err... crap. Billie. Not Billy. Bah. Sorry aboot that.

  5. Thanks for letting me off the hook, Billie. It just kinda kills the watching momentum, having to pause to write the comments and all. :) Sorry again, for letting ya down.

  6. It's fine, Greg, really. I always enjoy your comments, and I appreciate that you tried.

  7. Don't worry. I'll keep commenting here and there. Just not on every episode. :) .... maybe. Gah. I dunno anymore, lol

  8. A fan of Chloe's from the beginning, I absolutely love it when she tells Clark and Pete to treat her better. She does, after all, deserve it.

    Interesting juxtaposition between the two girls. Lana has a boyfriend and is flirting with another, both of whom are relatively good guys. Chloe just wants a date and she ends up nearly dying for it. He may not think of her romantically, but I love that Clark leaves Lana to rush to Chloe. Right choice, young man.


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