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Smallville: Crush

Chloe: "Most men are from Mars, Clark. But you're from some distant galaxy I've never even heard of."

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Clark is from Krypton.

Tired of playing second fiddle to Lana, Chloe redirected her romantic attention toward an old friend named Justin, an artist with injured hands. Because this is Smallville, Justin turned out to be a meteor freak, wouldn't you know it. Funny how Clark was all dog in the manger. He took Chloe's attention for granted until it was gone, and suddenly he missed it. Clark may be an alien, but he's still such a guy.

It's really too bad that Justin turned out to have evil tendencies and telekinesis, because he was kind of cool. Chloe needs someone who likes her for herself. Maybe making Clark jealous did the trick, because now Clark appears to be interested in Chloe after all. And it's making Lana jealous. It's, like, domino effect jealousy.

We had another interesting Lex subplot, as Lex showed his softer side as he reconciled with the nanny he thought had betrayed him. That was Lionel's fault, too. And we saw Lillian's gravestone: "Lillian Luthor. Loving wife and mother. 1951-1993."

Bits and pieces:

— So much for Principal Kwan. At least his death wasn't as gruesome as the first two principals on Buffy.

— Wasn't it just a bit improbable that the cops didn't ask Justin for a license plate number when his original accident occurred?

— I particularly liked the lurid cartoons Justin made of his crimes. Sort of a comic book within a comic book.

— Justin survived, and is in a mental hospital. Yet another person who knows about Clark's powers.

— There was much tossing across rooms. Justin tossed Chloe and Clark, and Clark tossed Justin. With Kwan's car accident, that makes four points.

— Time to line up summer jobs. Chloe wants to intern at the Daily Planet. Of course she does.

— Whitney returned after a long absence. And his father finally died.


Danny Kwan: "I see you in a uniform, flying. Have you ever considered a career in the Air Force?"

Chloe: "What's with you, Clark? Do you have some sort of savior complex? If I'm in trouble, you'll rescue me, but other than that, you're emotionally unavailable."

Clark: "I've got these two amazing friends who both happen to be girls."
Lex: "For arguments' sake, let's call them Lana and Chloe."

Three stars. Very good,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Justin was played by the ALWAYS awesome Adam Brody, who starred as Seth Cohen on The O.C. Yes. I watched The O.C. Not when it was on the air, of course, but on DVD afterwards. Nothing wrong with that, is there? No. So back off!! :D

  2. Ah, the joys of freshman year. Clark likes Lana, but she likes Whitney. Chloe likes Clark, but his interest is elsewhere. Pete likes Chloe, but she likes Clark.


    But then, we throw a spanner into the works. A kid with eyes in his head sees Chloe for the bundle of awesomeness that she is. Clark switches to Chloe, now unavailable and Lana nearly breaks up with Whitney for Clark, but then his dad dies and she stays. The guy with eyes, meanwhile, turns out to a meteor freak. Not good, but Chloe got a nice hug from Clark at the end. Pete, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found.

    And to think I tell people that I don't watch a soap...

    In spite of it all, I do like this episode. It's certainly not boring!


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