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Smallville: Drone

Chloe: "I just want to know what you stand for."
Clark: "I stand for truth, justice, and... other stuff."

This is the type of plot that just makes me cringe, and I'm not talking about my reaction to the killer bees which, incidentally, didn't kill anyone. Fortunately, this episode was less about the bees and more about the election of student body president. Except that that made me cringe too because hey, done soooo many times.

As Clark battled to become president of his class, Lana battled unfair competition from the Beanery in an attempt to keep the Talon alive. She actually played dirty and eliminated her competition, color me shocked. I was also surprised and pleased that Lex did not step in and help her.

The more interesting subplot was Lex's encounter with Carrie Castle, a bloodthirsty reporter determined to make her bones by doing a hatchet job on Lex. (I can quote The Godfather, too.) She was out of her league, no surprise there. And we found out that Lex does indeed have political aspirations, which reminded me of that scary vision in "Hourglass."

Bits and pieces:

— Shonda Farr, who played Sasha, was another Buffy alum; she played April the love-bot.

— Pete got to be Clark's wildly enthusiastic campaign manager. Unfortunately, I find Pete to be totally uninteresting. They'd better give his character something more exciting to do soon, or write him out.

— Chloe had a frothy new hairdo for about five minutes.

— Michael Rosenbaum has freckles on his shoulders.

— Another purple shirt for Lex.


Clark: "Why does everybody over forty quote The Godfather?"
Lana: "I don't know, but it's really annoying."

Pete: "Wanted to take advantage of your two-for-one deal."
Lana: "Figure that's the last step before I institute topless waitressing."
That was a saucy comment for Lana, wasn't it?

Clark: "Lana Lang seduced by the dark side? Who would've thunk?"

One star for the bees. Two for the tiresome class election. One and a half stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Felice was played by Chelan FUCKING Simmons. I love her. She's awesome. That is all.

  2. In an episode about winning at all costs, there were at least five different references to The Godfather that I caught. Although I love the movie, this was a bit of overkill.

    And, you are right. I hate bug episodes and this winning thing has been done to death. I think your one and half is generous!

  3. Another fun actor comparison. Marguerite Moreau who played the reporter here was also in Queen of the Damned. She did research in that movie just like a reporter.


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