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Smallville: Delete

Lex: "You know, contrary to common perception, my father isn't behind every nefarious activity in Smallville."

Lois Lane? Chloe has a cousin named LOIS LANE? What a bombshell. And it certainly raises a major question. If Chloe used the name Lois Lane as her byline, then does that mean Chloe is the future Mrs. Superman? I've always thought Clark would be much better suited to Chloe than to Lana. It certainly would be fine with me if she were Lois Lane.

There was a lot to like about this episode, other than the stupid email hypnosis thing which really did nothing for me. I liked that we all thought Lionel had to be behind the murder attempts, and then we thought it was Dr. Garner at Summerholt... but then it turned out to be Mollie the techie working on her own. I actually didn't see that coming, so good on them. The action was even unusually gross and violent, which got my attention.

I absolutely, totally loved Lana and Chloe's fight to the death, with slomo and axes and showers and everything. Very, very impressive. Adam stepping in and disarming Lana with the moves and all was also very impressive. Adam was almost one of the gang here.

And now Adam is moving into the Talon. (This can't be good for the Clark/Lana romance.) (Not that I care.) Lana was feeling a bit reluctant to get involved with Adam, because he's got a lot of secrets, like Clark. Adam (Ian Somerhalder, who wound up on Lost) even looks a bit like Tom Welling, with the firm jaw and big eyes and all.

Bits and pieces:

— Summerholt was probably re-introduced because Lex wants his seven weeks of lost memory back.

— Oddly enough, no one arrested Lana for attacking Chloe with an axe. She got suspended. Right.

— Lex was drinking orange juice instead of scotch. He did it in the last episode, too, I think.

— Everyone tries to kill Clark; it's sort of a basic theme of the series. But Jonathan doing it was pretty creepy.

— Clark crashed his truck into a van; two points. Lana threw Chloe three times, and Chloe knocked her into a glass fire box. I think that makes six.

— How many trucks has Clark totaled by now? Sheriff Adams even said, "Your family sure has its way of going through vehicles." Would even Geico take on the Kents by this time?


Max Taylor: "I don't know who you ticked off around here, but you sure ruffled some feathers."
Chloe: "I have enemies in high places."

Chloe: "But they were donated."
Pete: "I guess the Grinch changed his mind."

Adam: (walking down a corridor covered with crow posters) "Remind me again what your school mascot is?"

Chloe: "So we can rule out paranoia. Someone is officially trying to kill me."

Clark: "She's sending out hypnotic emails. It's not the type of technology you pick up at Radio Shack."

Lex: "I'm starting to get a complex. It seems the only women I find remotely appealing are psychopaths."

At least three stars, and I might go closer to four. Very twisty. This was a good one,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Molly the techie was played by yet another actress who frequents my dreams, Missy Peregrym, who played Candice the shapeshifter in S1 of Heroes, starred as Andi Pendergast on Reaper, and now stars on Rookie Blue. She's just freaking awesome stuffed in gorgeousness.

  2. Also, Chris Gauthier makes his Smallville debut as a very non-Toyman Luthorcorp Technician

  3. I love a good cat fight, and this was one of the best. It's always nice to see Lana break out of her pink, sweet, girl-next-door persona -- especially since I find the PSGndP boring.

    Lana has a way of irking me much along the same lines as Jonathan irks me. She says one thing (I want a boyfriend and since Clark won't be my boyfriend, I'm going to find another one) and then does another (sniping at Adam all the time). I love the way Adam calls her on her issues all the time. Maybe a relationship with him would be good for her. Get her out of the pink.

  4. Thank you-I THOUGHT the IT guy was the Toyman!

    WTH is up with Ian Somerhalder's hair? His sticking-out ears make him a good candidate for Middle Earth. He's way too cute for that. Is it in Tom Welling's contract that he has to he the best-looking guy in the episode?

    (Spoiler alert: once Justin Hartley shows up I know this isn't the case.) :)

  5. (Spoiler Alert: once Jensen Ackles shows up I know this isn't the case.) :)

    Fixed it for you. :D

  6. Chloe using Lois Lane as a pseudonym was certainly a bombshell. Not sure how well it fits with canon--did Lois & Clark really go back to high school? And it's hard to square with Chloe's feelings for Clark, since Clark's unrequited (except as Superman) feelings for Lois are a big part of the mythology. Maybe just a red herring to spin up the fans.


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