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Smallville: Hereafter

Chloe: "Cue the spooky music. Because Jordan was born on the day of the meteor shower."

This was an episode about thwarting death and changing Fate, with a capital F. And it ended with Jonathan collapsed and unconscious. Man, I hate cliffhangers.

Jordan's gift was somewhat reminiscent of Ryan the mind reader, but a lot creepier and more metaphysical. Wasn't there a classic sci-fi story about knowing when you were going to die? Whatever – it's a great story idea. What I found most interesting was that nothing Jordan or his father ever did could change what Jordan saw... but Clark was able to do it. It was like Clark wasn't part of the natural order of the universe or something, and could actually trump fate.

I really wanted Jordan to touch Clark and see when he would die, but I thought the writers wouldn't even go there. But they did. Jordan saw flying, Superman's cape, and a white light. Jordan told Clark, "You don't have an end, like other people. It's like you live forever." How fascinating. I guess that, as a literary figure, Superman is indeed immortal. But is Clark?

Along with Jordan, boy of mystery, we learned some compelling and contradictory stuff about Adam, teen of mystery. Drugs. Piano genius. Industrial-strength nightmares. Oh, and he died. What's up with that? With Clark in an "Adam-free" zone, Lex was all gallant and protective of Lana, investigating Adam himself. Lex also did some breaking and entering of Adam's apartment, and ran into Chloe doing the same thing. And we still don't know who Adam is, or why we should care.

Bits and pieces:

— The teaser started so differently than the usual Smallville episode that for a few moments, I thought I had the wrong show.

— Lana will die in bed. She will be an old woman, wearing her necklace, with an unidentified old man at her side. Unless what happened in this episode just changed her fate.

— Lana was on crutches with a knee brace only a couple of episodes ago. And now she's running cross country? Re-set button, big time.

— Chloe: "So. Computers, kick boxing, and a master pianist. Wow. Adam's a regular Renaissance man."

Three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Coach Altman was played by Greg Kean, who I know best from his role as Georgia's Dad on Dead Like Me.

    Megan Calder was played by Meghan Ory, who currently plays Ruby/Red Riding Hood? on Once Upon A Time. She's stunningly beautiful, I think. But it's probably just me. And all the other red-blooded males of the world.

  2. So, once again, one of Lana's childhood friends died young and she was involved. I'm here to tell you, if that girl wanted to be friends with me, I would run far and fast.

    This episode reminds me of "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," just not done as well. I've always thought that being able to see someone's death would be a horrible curse. At least Jordan seemed like an all right guy with an all right father.

    I am intrigued by Adam. Of course, we know something is up because we just know that Lana will continue to fall for the wrong guys until she and Clark finally come together.

  3. Trump just became president! I can't get out of my head the scene of Lex being elected president. LOL

  4. I can't believe no one here thought about the tv show The Dead Zone with the way Jordan's power works. And how Clark does things to alter what Jordan sees as the future.


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