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Smallville: Duplicity

Pete: "It's not easy being you, is it?"

Pete knows.

There were plenty of references to the fact that Clark lies to all of this friends, all of the time. But how can Clark possibly tell them the truth? His parents were right; a lot of responsibility goes with knowing Clark's secret, and Pete immediately gave it away to Dr. Hamilton without even meaning to do it.

But all's well that ends well, and I like that Pete now knows Clark's secret. Pete has a function now, and owns a part of the story. Smart move, because Clark really needs a friend his age that he can talk to.

More in the friendship theme as Lana and Chloe started to bond over Lana's unhappiness over Aunt Nell's new boyfriend; I sense a plot twist approaching. And there was another interesting parallel: Lana and Lex both hid from their parents.

Lionel finally returned, complete with dark glasses and cane, and wanted to spend quality time with Lex. (Lex wasn't quite ready for so much togetherness.) Lionel even got to touch Clark's spaceship. Too bad for him that it felt like a "postmodern coffee table." At least the ship is now back where it belongs, in the storm cellar. But where's the key?

Bits and pieces:

— What happened to the late Dr. Hamilton was similar to Tony Todd's character in season one's "Jitters," especially at the end.

— Lana did break up with Whitney, after all. I was mildly surprised. I thought they'd keep long distance Whitney around to keep Clark and Lana apart.

— There was a truck wreck in the teaser: one point.


Pete: "I can already see the headlines. The Real Clark Kent Exposed."

Chloe: "Hey, guys. Why didn't you tell me about the superhero deal?"

Lex: "So you decided a couple of days of Oedipal mano a mano would make you feel better?"

Another good one, with another big change in Clark's life. Three stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

1 comment:

  1. The thing that struck me in this episode is how badly Clark lies -- not that it's a bad thing. But, when Pete is questioning him about who may have stolen the spaceship, blind Lionel could have seen that Clark was lying. So -- it's probably better that Pete knows.

    I'm also glad that Clark finally called Jonathan on his over-protectiveness. "What my dad means is, welcome to the family."


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