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Smallville: Red

Pete: "Clark Kent, chick magnet. What's wrong with this picture?"

Omigod, what fun.

Clark put on a class ring with a red stone in it, and immediately became rebellious, sarcastic, and surprisingly sexy. It was like he was drunk. There he was with a new game cube, satellite dish, motorcycle, major wardrobe change, all purchased with Pa Kent's credit cards, and that wasn't all. Clark actually borrowed Lex's sports car, gave Lana a hot kiss, and took off with Jessie of the easy virtue. Tom Welling was just terrific. He probably enjoyed doing something other than his usual virtuous farm boy.

One interesting thing that jumped right out at me was that Lex didn't like Clark on red K. Clark on red K was a lot like Lex, and Lex doesn't want Clark to be like him. Which was probably why Lex gave Clark up to Jonathan.

Lionel took over Lex's office. What a surprise. The mansion has seventy-five rooms; why couldn't Lionel set up somewhere else? Because he was testing and pushing Lex, of course. This time, Lex pushed back. They almost seem to be developing a positive relationship, or something. Probably something.

Last week, blind Lionel didn't see Clark's spaceship. This week, he didn't see Clark doing super stuff. This is turning into a continuing joke.

Bits and pieces:

— Green K affects Clark physically, but red K hits him emotionally. The green shirt made Tom Welling's eyes look very green. It's funny that so many of the cast members have green eyes, what with Kryptonite being green and all.

— Clark spent some quality time with the sleazy-looking Jessie. Is Clark still a virgin?

— Chloe has a birthmark on her cheek. Not that cheek.

— Clark threw Jonathan into his truck hard enough to dent it: two points. Clark threw those two guys in the bar, which makes a total of four points.


Chloe: "Nothing says school spirit like a ring that looks like it was jacked by P. Diddy."

Jessie: "Whoa. Who is the major hottie in primary colors?"

Lana: "We're just doing American history. The red scare." Red scare. Clever.

Clark literally said, "My parents don't understand me." :)

Clark: "Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. I like the sound of that." Slashbunnies go wild.

Four stars, of course,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. Okay, not even halfway through the commentary with Greg Beeman, Kristen Kruek, Tom Welling, and Michael Rosenbaum for this episode and already I am laughing soooo hard. Funny stuff.

  2. As I diehard lover of all bad boys, I simply love this episode. Add in Tom Welling, in cool shades sitting on a bike? Oh dear!

    Clark, bless him, has issues and they come out in this episode. Because Welling doesn't look sixteen, I sometimes forget that these stories are meant to be about a young boy. But, of course Clark would resent not having the toys his friends have and getting a hard time for simply buying a class ring (I still have mine!).

    In terms of your slashbunnies comment, how about the look that Lex gives Clark when he sees him in the new clothes for the first time? Or, the outfit that Clark has on in the bar? LOL

    Interesting comment, Greg, about the commentary. In the UK DVD set, the commentary is done by Gough, Miller and Loeb.

    One final note. What does it say about me that as soon as I hear US Marshall, I think Raylan Givens?

  3. Clark: "Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. I like the sound of that." Slashbunnies go wild.

    What on earth is a slashbunny?!

  4. hehehe, lana shut him down again at the end there! hehehe, love it. yeah that's what you get for somehow still backing away even Red'd up when she asked about the twister! if you can't fess up to her that's understandable but you do NOT get to pursue a "friends only" relationship with her after the fact! no, you do not!


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