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Smallville: Fallout

Jimmy: "Do you know what this means, Chloe? Lex is working with the Egyptians."

This one dragged a bit. Bow Wow as the growly Phantom Zoner worked, but Raya pretty much didn't; she was amazingly dull for a gorgeous, blonde Kryptonian. Jimmy, whom I liked better this time than in previous episodes, was surprisingly good comic relief. He even held his own with Lex, to some extent.

The big surprise was Lana, who is obviously still channeling Mata Hari. Meeting secretly with Dr. What's his face? Giving Lex ultimatums in a cool, serious voice? What happened to her? She sleeps with Lex for awhile, and suddenly she's Sharon Stone? I wonder if Lex would have chosen Lana over the power core, after all. Lex is always so ready to believe the worst of anyone. Including Lana.

At least Clark learned more about his father from the now departed Raya (brave, strong, big heart? Jor-El?) and is now ready to re-activate the Fortress and learn about his destiny. I can really see this as a logical end to the series, if this is their final season.

Bits and pieces:

— Clark has started using that little plastic, er, crystal triangle with the big blue S on it. Can a costume be far behind?

— Zoner arrival craters reminded me of the Terminator movies. So did the situation with Brainiac's power core, which is now dust. Too bad.

— The teaser made me wonder if I was watching the right show. We weren't in Kansas any more.

— Just like with Tree Girl, Berren was an alien criminal with weird, un-Kryptonian powers.

— If there were six escapees from the Phantom Zone, then there are three left. I'll bet they show up during sweeps.

— With three superbeings, there was much body tossing. I counted six, including Bow Wow's buddy getting blown right out of his sneakers. Plus Lex landed on a glass coffee table. Seven points.


Chloe: "Local authorities determined it was made by a shooting star, but that was just wishful thinking. (Clark looks at her.) Sorry."

Lex: "You know, James, I was very happy to hear that Chloe finally landed a boyfriend. It appears my jubilation was premature."

Lex: "I thought we were in this together."
Lana: "We still are. Just not on the same side."

Bow wow: "No ball, no beach? Kansas is strictly fly-over."

Lana: "The human race has survived this long. It doesn't need Lex Luthor to save it."
Yes, we have irony.

Two out of four stars,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.

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